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Dissociation is what happens when compounds dissolve into individual ions in solution.
Carbon containing compounds do not dissociate in water completely and are generally weak conductors of electricity so we know they will be weak acids/bases.

Let's look at acetic acid (#CH_3COOH#) a weak acid as an example.

When acetic acid dissolves in water, the … Read more

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Excellent customer service employees listen carefully to what is being said and if there is a fault work to rectify it as quickly as possible with the least inconvenience to the client. They know that they are directly responsible for any service or fault and act accordingly. They know a satisfied client will return - … Read more
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To me guest service is having someone from the hotel accessible when I need them and being friendly while they do so. It is also an attitude: Smiling faces, welcoming words. There is nothing worse than going into a place and being coldly greeted by the host or concierge (or not greeted at all). It's … Read more