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Lower any expectations of perfections, and embrace the concept of acceptance in the same way you would want to be accepted, then STOP searching, and just take in the world around you.

We get so caught up in that Search, that those things (people) that are right in front of you often get "Over Looked".

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Don't give up! I was 21 before I even had my first date! As Angela said, they come out of the strangest places. Believe it or not, my dating life (and eventual marriage) began with the discussion of an algebraic equation. The nerd in me was awakened and she didn't leave, lol. My point is, … Read more

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Weird question, huh? Well, I have a weird answer... My advice IS to give up! Perhaps you are trying too hard. Desperation is not an attractive quality and can usually be spotted by potential suitors. Concentrate on bettering yourself and be independent. Love will definitely find you and oftentimes comes when you're not looking. ๐Ÿ’œ

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Oh man....he's just being a jerk! Set your sights to a much better type of man.....nice, polite, respectful. Those who insult are very insecure with themselves, red flag ๐Ÿšฉ

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I absolutely hate that young girls are told that if a guy is mean to , insults you , pulls your hair ect.... Ect ... That that means they like you, NO. That's teaching girls to accept and think a lack of respect is cute and flirty. If a guy likes you he will show … Read more