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I started getting gray in my early twenties but that has nothing to do with thinning hair it doesn't mean that if you find a few gray hairs you're going to start losing them.  I have a full head of hair and my hairdresser takes care of the gray.

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Envy of people being rich while your poor. Well those rich people have many problems they have body gaurds because someone may kidnap their kids. When they become older they usually end up on drugs and alcohol. So being poor and working your way up is much worth it than born with a silver spoon … Read more

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Envy is an interesting emotion actually.

From a "socio-evolutionary" point of view, it's not necessarily always negative.

Envy could be seen as a driver of motivation: From a Darwinistic point of view, it can enhance survival rate of a species by encouraging procreation, resilience, combatitiveness.

In a more modern social context though, it can also undoubtedly be … Read more