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When I feel really sad  I sort my kitchen cupboards and listen to eighties music and dance in my kitchen,.. Everyone has a way of dealing with feeling lost ... Mine works well for me :) you should find your way then .. You're welcome to use mine :)

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I would try talking to your doctor first. Maybe they can help you by recommending a certain diet, exercise, or even medicine  if necessary. I don't know if you're a bible reader. One othe things that I have found helpful is prayer and reading the bible.  I've found that the book of psalms to be … Read more

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A lot of people work in the same field their parents did.  The prime example of that would be the Flying Walendas.  Maybe you and your siblings can start a circus or beer company. 

IDK.  You'll think of something.  If not,  there is no reason you all can't go off and do your own thing.