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I sure don't think so. It's really a mental disease. People "hoard" as a way to deal....or not deal....with elements of their lives. Hoarders grow so attached to their stuff, they can't fathom the idea of throwing anything out, even a piece of paper with mold, animal waste, bugs you name it all over it.

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Music tends to move me far too much---which is why I seldom
listen to it, especially classical music.

But it’s not the music’s fault just like it wasn’t the fault
of the wind in the example below:

You may have seen a video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (known
as “Gertie”---see the link) undulating until it collapsed.

-----The link … Read more

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I can't answer your question -- though it's a fascinating analogy to draw --  but that link has some of the most extraordinary footage, and some of the most amazing information I've ever read. I'd never heard of Galloping Gertie and was unaware that a bridge had ever behaved, and finally disintegrated, in such a … Read more