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See it'll be more benificial if you are planing to begin a start-up or work for a digital Marketing company. But today it seems benificial to almost all fields, especially if you know social media management or stuff like Google Adwords or Analytics. A digital marketing course won't just teach you the above mentioned … Read more

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Hi.  It's true that Digital media is fast growing in India, and the biggest advantage is it has opened the gate for a heard of interesting job opportunites. Which is really good, plus unlike the corporate, digital media poses a more laid back environment for its employees, with lots to learn and explore. Its been … Read more

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I worked for a few years for a supplier of digital asset management systems, so not directly in the field you describe. We mainly sold picture desks to Newspapers and other users of large numbers of pictures.

I remember logging on to a system at the Daily Mirror in England to see pictures of one … Read more