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Can someone give me ideas for how I'm supposed to live?

Let me explain.

I'm currently staying with my girlfriend, my parents recently seperated and are divorcing from a abusive relationship,

my mum left our home, and my father wanted nothing to do with me being there. I'm happy that my mum is safe now, but she can't … Read more

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Wow that is a lot going on. When you applied for the food stamps did you have a social worker? If so call that person and find what other programs might be available to you. Other options to call and ask would be the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Also call the Council for the Blind … Read more

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Prozac takes a while to build up in your system. In addition, it will help manage your systems - you still need to work on the other issues you have, such as your anger toward your family.

Determine what upsets you about your family and ascertain if there is anything that you can do to help … Read more