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Have you considered seeing if there is a place near you that rents pianos? You wouldn't fork out so much money buying something you don't know if you are goingto stick with it. Not to mention the amount of room a piano takes up. If yu find you really enjoy it than you can buy … Read more

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Pianos are great and in most thrift stores you can pick them up for very cheap. I usually see older pianos in the low hundreds and retro electronic organs for around the same.  Pianos are fun to learn and can be very expressive.  A good choice for an instrument if you dedicate yourself.

Photography is so … Read more

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Actually, both are quite nice but it also depends on your budget. Digital pianos start at around $2000.00 and regular pianos start about $3500.00 on up ! Whereas a decent camera starts around $250.00 on up. Both sound nice but it's what you can afford to do. You might find a used piano for a … Read more