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1.Beauty is the nature of humans and this planet, we love to craft, build, decorate and keep things clean, specially if we spending an extended time inside it.

2.Beauty is directly in relation with our mind, our emotions respond to beauty, it amazes us and excites us, this is our nature to admire the beauty and … Read more

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Ecommerce website is keep track of various metrics so that they can  optimize the website as well as marketing spends and at the same time  improve the customer journey. Here I have listed a few metrics for an  ecommerce business which helps them to keep track of the visitors, their  behaviorand site revenue. Basis the … Read more

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eCommerce offers businesses a vital opportunity to offer their customers round-the-clock convenience. A good eCommerce strategy that adds excellent customer service and a dynamic social media presence into the mix can spell higher traffic and better sales for your business.