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Snapchat itself is not inappropriate, it's down to who you are using it with and what you are using it for.

I use Snapchat in an entirely innocent way. But some girls in my class have older boys in their Snapchat contacts, and they send them nude Snapchat images.

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Hospital management and tourism management are good fields to make career in.

They are an attractive branch of MBA and students are taking up this course. I know this college, called IIMT Gurgaon, they provide you PGDM in International Hospital Management and the program is affiliated with Oxford Brookes University.

They also have amazing record … Read more

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Hospitality and tourism in India is one of the rapidly growing in the country. Millions of tourists come to visit India, as a result there are many new hotels and resorts which have started in the country. The hospitality sector in India is rising at a fast rate and there are several new colleges and … Read more