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Everything! I am a night person. I love the sounds of night, the shadows, the creepiness. Things that seem innocuous become sinister. I love doing things at night much more than in the day. We have a lot of 24 hour places here. So, it's not unusual to find me grocery shopping, doing laundry, eating … Read more

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Imaginary numbers are numbers that can not be possible, or are concepts.  This already been mentioned several times before, but the square root of a negative is impossible, therefore it is imaginary.

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Hi Sudo,

I actually think you are making a very good point...as I understand it, the term "imaginary" for the square root of -1 was first used in a derogatory way, back in the Middle Ages... Just too absurd. However, at one time the concept of zero was also considered ridiculous, along with negative numbers.

And as … Read more