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As an American, I must say German inventions might be more important than British, at least from the beginning of the 20th century and the late 19th century. Without the modern car and the modern engines and technologies invented by the Germans, you Brits might still ride on horses. I see the modern car as … Read more
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Bullshit! That's what the Brits would have you believe. In truth the British hardly invented anything. They stole everything from everywhere starting from the language itself! I used to be taught at school that the Brits invented so many things. 

Then I grew up , educated myself better and realised it was all propaganda! 

Radio? Lol Marconi … Read more

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Jet engine was simultaneously invented my Germany and Britain. Two inventors came up with the same idea independently. Britain got their patent first, Germany flew first. Honours shared all round.

Top 3 British inventions (in my humble opinion):

*World wide web

*Theory of Evolution

*Newtons laws of Physics

Worst 3 inventions:

*The penny farthing

*The USA

*Concentration camps (Boer war)

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Never discuss with  a  Brit  the issue of  who invented what..

They would say that  all -mighty god was born in London  14 billion years ago 10 minutes after the big bang..

Television is an American invention Farnsworth was credited worldwide with it.  ..Jet engine was not invented in Britain,  the internal combustion engine was invented in … Read more

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I love it how stupid brits still have this "The sun will never set on the empire" attitude. Of course many great inventions came from the UK but he got almost all the inventions in his list wrong.

1.Radio- The idea was originally by the british yes, but the US had the first working radio that … Read more