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I doubt it.  I keep hearing the Snake-oil salesmen on the radio going on about all the waste and toxins stuck in your colon.  Well, I've seen the inside of my colon and there is no evidence of that.  If you really want to be sure your colon does't contain those "toxins", just get a … Read more

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Dear Haris Thomas,

When I was extremely ill twenty-five years ago, life-threatening, it was holistic therapies that helped condition was unknown and incomprehensible to conventional medicine then.

I looked into colon cleansing at that time, and I do think it potentially has a place in health care. I myself did it briefly under a physician's care … Read more

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Because they're at the gym every single day of the week or outside doing something physical. Or maybe because you eat a single chocolate bar, but 5 pancakes, a whole chicken, 2 cans of Chef Boyardee, a large pizza, and 2  plates of pasta before the day is over.