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The kind of music that falls under the "free royalty free" tag is: Completely free to download and use. Royalty free so no licenses to purchase. OK to use for commercial video content (so the videos can be monetized). With that criteria in mind, there are ten websites we recommended that provide music for you … Read more
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Online marketing strategy has changed dramatically in the past few years. When Google released search their algorithm Panda and Penguin.

Building Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
Digital marketing is becoming more & more relevant in todays age.
Assuming you have a website, we recommend following strategies for small businesses
Content strategy
Content is king
Google wants you to deliver … Read more

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Imagine traveling by time machine and knowing the future trends…

Marketing would be much easier

Knowing which technologies would end up having impact on your marketing would save you from wasting time and money on different platforms

With future insights, you can understand your target audience and make plans to engage them

So, let’s make some predictions … Read more

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Color influences perception but the important thing to remember is that perceptions differ between people,age.It differs how an individual perceives the color.Since color is an important factor in visual appearance of product.

Studies say that 90% of the purchases are influenced by the visual factors. For example:75% of pencils sold in United States … Read more

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Even you can make money from writing blogs.Blogging is not so difficult,just you need focus on content what you are going to write.

Lets take a look at what you can do to start earning money from your blog.

For most blogs, there are two things that you can generally sell – a physical product or an … Read more

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A bounce is defined as a single page visit. If a user clicks on a link to a page on your website, spends five minutes reading that page, and then exits your site, they’re a bounce. In other words, a user could find exactly what they’re looking for, have a great experience on your website, … Read more