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My son pointing at a stone on my driveway said in his developing vocabulary, proudly "stone".

"Well done Simon, that is a special stone, called a pebble"


"Well done, and what's its name?"


Eric has been the name of many inanimate objects since.

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My 4 year old niece does not yet grasp the concept of days and time in general, so she measures everything in "sleeps". "Two more sleeps until my dad comes home" "how many sleeps until my birthday?"

She asked about my birthday just a few weeks after it had passed, and when I told her … Read more

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A Frenchman, an Italian, and a Russian were trying to answer this question.

The Frenchman said, "When you treat a beautiful woman to a night at the theatre, take her home, and take her to bed, that is happiness."

"Bah!" said the Italian. "That is only lust. When you sit down to a fine meal with … Read more