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I used to faced this and here is my recipe, hope it works for you as well:

Use lemon juice directly to apply to the skin, for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Or you can make a mask with lemon juice, almond oil and glycerin. All raw materials are mixed well and you can … Read more

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You should stay out of the adult business but be sure to be on your best behavior helping your parents out as much as possible by doing your homework with out asking, doing the dishes without asking, helping with the rest of the family, etc. What your family really needs from you right now is … Read more

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Perhaps it's time for a family meeting. This may give you an opportunity to give your parents a swift kick into the reality of what is important. This is the kind of "kick" that should start with a hug.

I realize, sometimes couples go through tough times .. Whether it be an argument, a difference … Read more