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Most of us lead very busy, often hectic, lives. Relentless pressures of modern-day living require that we put forth constant effort just to keep pace. Husbands and fathers must meet pressing obligations to their families, employers, and others. Wives and mothers must look after the household needs of their families and often have to work … Read more

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I never want an extremely busy life. I always make time at night to chill and relax with my dog. A time to do nothing. Of course, it's just me so it's a bit easier without having to worry about other people.

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To an outsider, three anomalies stand out:

Religion: The US is perhaps 70 years behind the rest of the modern world in shedding their beliefs.

Guns: The second amendment guarantees ready access to weapons and puts them in the hands of people who are totally unfit to own them.

Health care. It's abysmal.