Nice Girl
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i think that the best way to say that to her is to take her out, go on a walk with her , have lunch , have dinner , spend the day with her but before that , during lunch time tell her about how youve been feeling and what your decision is, then tell … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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I will simply say that in a long term marriage it is quite normal to fall in love with your spouse over and over again.

But also, love is something that one does---as well as something that frequently causes good feelings.

Couples counseling can give you both necessary and useful skills to make things easier in a … Read more

Gator Blu
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You tell her that with all your disagreements,  that it is obvious that you are not meant to be together. It would be best if you broke up and live without the stress of the constant battling. Then you wish her well and tell her you hope she finds someone that will make her happy.

Dark Majinn
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Yes, kissing him is sending an incorrect signal.

You know how this person feels about you, so if you do not have feelings in return, do not reciprocate that you do . . . Be clear about the expectations of this relationship . . . It sounds like "Friend" is the term you want to use. … Read more

Dark Majinn
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Hold a contest. Call in the best and brightest Knights from across the land, to do battle for your Favor . . . .

The problem is not always THEM being worthy . . . Right?

If your going to gamble on people being forthright and honest in their online description of themselves, you will have to … Read more

Dark Majinn
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If you have engaged in small talk, made eye contact . . . Why oh why, would you go to an electronic device to START something that already has a spark?

It is like having a cool night, a fire pit, some dry hickory and starter kindling, paper, even some accelerant and rather than toss the … Read more

Dark Majinn
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It can mean something . . It can mean nothing.

Literally, there is no way to determine if this is a serial killer plotting his next victim, or a man just finding a glimpse of his true love . . . Best to actually engage in conversation and hope for the latter rather then former.