Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered Sudo the Dragon's question

It's a urban slang for having relations with an unattractive woman Sudo, not a literal dragon.

Dragon comes from the Greek "drakon" meaning serpent.

David Johnson
David Johnson answered Alesha Dowell's question

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David Johnson
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Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered Max Stark's question

Try asking the current girlfriend out somewhere nice,  because if you are not meeting up or talking, then your not really dating.

Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch answered Max Stark's question

Max, if you're going to have a girlfriend, you need to choose someone that is at least compatible with you, someone that you have things in common with, someone that you can talk to and share things with. Otherwise, what's the point of having a girlfriend? If you don't feel you're compatible with your current … Read more

Tinkerbell St. Basil
Tinkerbell St. Basil answered Otis Campbell's question

Otis, you just gave me a great idea for dinner!  Love chili (no beans) and I'll throw the dogs a bone while I'm cooking and top it off with banana bread for dessert. 

Tinkerbell St. Basil
Tinkerbell St. Basil answered Annabelle Porter's question

I was the youngest of 4 kids. My older brother would take me and there was never a problem as long as the person you were with was over 18. My first "R" rated movie was Saturday Night Fever and I loved it 😀. I was the envy of all the 5th graders in my … Read more

Dumb Goat
Dumb Goat answered Anonymous' question

Yeah, I like them. I do think they'd go best with casual clothes. Though, the shoes themselves seem a bit too flashy in my taste... Yet, he might think otherwise on all my opinions because we are separate human beings. I think Ancient Hippy has a good idea with keeping the receipt though if you … Read more