Fred Jenkins
Fred Jenkins answered Jeremy Fink's question

My sister (my only sibling) and I look nothing alike. She has my fathers dark hair color and skin tone, I inherited my moms fair skin, auburn hair and freckles. Our personalities are completely different too. I'm a leader, she's a follower. She'd follow the lemmings over the cliff.

Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren answered Jeremy Fink's question

Not sure, most get overly passionate about the topic and lose to their emotional self . . .

You can discuss things just fine, but when they start getting emotional, and angry . . . Well they resort to belittling and name calling.

That is when they have run out of logic on their end . … Read more

YoWanna Cook
YoWanna Cook answered PJ Stein's question

No air conditioner bill!!!!!


Jeremy Fink
Jeremy Fink answered PJ Stein's question

I'm bugged by it. It bugs me so much I change the channel when that specific commercial is on. I was made to learn how to change a tire, check hoses and fluids, etc. Before I was allowed to drive.

YoWanna Cook
YoWanna Cook answered PJ Stein's question

My favorite gifts are usually words.

One of the gifts that mean a lot to me is my Bible. Besides the history I have put into it, it also has Yang's Grandpa's signature right before he passed away. (This man I adopted as my Grandpa.) He was a great man. Right under his signature is … Read more

Joy Twain
Joy Twain answered Water Nebula's question

You can, but the salt stings a bit.  Just remember that besides sand, our oceans are polluted.  There's also bacteria in the water.  Most prefer goggles, but people have been opening their eyes without masks for millennia.  Your choice.  I don't.