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Seriously? Are you spamming the site with this question because this doesn't seem like a real, genuine experience that you're going through.

In case it is real, get an adult to help you. If you feel that he's going to harm himself, call 911. Other than that, I don't have a clue. Where are you going … Read more

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It depends on the school, how much money they have in the budget for food, if they grow their own veggies - some schools do - and who cooks the food. Generally speaking, homemade food at home tastes better, unless you're a terrible cook or it's not a household chore you enjoy doing.

Some schools … Read more

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That's totally awesome! Instead of doing it for you, I'm going to direct you to an online thesaurus where you can find the words yourself. What words come to mind when you think of Amazon Rainforest?

Take those words and put those into the search engine on this site and voila!


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That's really vague.

Lots of normal people cannot deal with people talking smack at all, while there are some people with mental illness who can take it very well.

How much the mental illness affects the ability to cope with that would depend on the mental illness, some mental illnesses would indeed make it harder to cope. … Read more

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Too many words in your question that have no precise meaning---smack, mental illness, mental retardation, and coping to give an meaningful answer to this question.

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For your situation, I highly recommend working for a company like Enterprise Rent A Car as a car prep. It's easy work that doesn't have any special requirements and can have flexible schedules in order to accommodate school or classes. In my area, the job starts out at $8.75/hour.

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I have not, but here is a (sortof connected) story. I was shopping in Waitrose, a slightly upmarket and expensive UK supermarket. A willowy  and very attractive woman in her 30's was wandering around with her 7-year old daughter.

She was on her mobile 'phone the entire time, and her execrable daughter was playing with the … Read more

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Hello! I totally understand your predicament, it’s indeed very hard to choose among the thousands of games that are now available online. However, I suggest that you check this arcade platformer out: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/electricity-game-dashes-high/id963759829?mt=8 . It’s free and you will get to play unlimitedly. Other titles that you might also want to consider … Read more

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Oh yeah. Not long ago I was in Target, and the mom was busy unloading and she looked exhausted. She wasn't really looking at her two boys. (I got the feeling she had already had enough of them.) The younger one was sitting in the seat. He was maybe 3. The older one was sitting … Read more

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Danae Hitch.......Yes, I most definitely have.  I did it to my own and any that grew up around them.  I came from the old school of discipline, stay our of grown folks conversation, mind your own business, speak when spoken too, always be respectful and polite.  Growing up we knew the looks, and trust me … Read more

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You need to go talk to your academic advisor. They can best steer you towards what is right for you. For strangers to tell you what is best for your career is risky. Talking to an advisor that can ask pertinent questions can give you the best answers for you. It is their job.

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I don't purchase diamonds because diamonds in themselves aren't worth what they actually are.

Here's why diamonds are a rip off:

1. The only reason why society likes diamonds is because of a successful marketing campaign that began in 1938. It is not actually the best or prettiest gemstone as tradition would have you say.

2. In fact, … Read more