Didge Doo
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Hi everyone. Hippy told me about this thread and I wanted to say thank you.. Yes, it hurts a lot to lose a much-loved dog, and Zoe was certainly that.

It's only been two days and we still expect to see her in all the usual places but alas, that can't happen. Thank you everybody for … Read more

Yin and Yang
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They did call me and ask if they could put my name down so I took a sip of my million dollar hand delivered Starbucks coffee and decided to let them down gently. Knowing it was gonna crush their heart I said "I don't like to flaunt my money so take me off the list … Read more

Yin and Yang
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Yes. One day our Pastor called my husband asking if he was missing anything. He had a message on his answering machine stating that this man found a Bible which had a paper in it with our Pastors number and address on it. This good Samaritan ended up bringing it to our Pastors doorstep so … Read more