Yin and Yang
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Everyday's a good day Otis!!! Depending on when you consider my day beginning it was either 3am with Yang sending him off to work, 4am chopping veggies so my mom can eat, 5am God time... Then a nap between 6-9am. Or if you consider my "nap" to be my sleep then my day began with … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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I studied Latin many years ago.  I took a vocabulary test on a whim on the internet about 2 years and it estimated my vocabulary at 40 thousand words---which I knew was way too high. (By about 12,000.) But my knowledge of Latin roots made me a lucky guesser at the correct definitions.  This word … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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File for unemployment.  You were fired apparently through no fault of your own.

If you get approved for unemployment, get a consult with a lawyer to find out what your options might be.

mary adam
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No don't confront the lady you will only give her more reasons to complain. The problem lies with your boss since they are firing you despite you having a witness. Try looking into unfair dismissal.

Curiously Curious
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So happy for you and your daughter!  Nervous for you at the same time. My children are still young but I dread the day they're old enough to start driving. I see me trying to wrap their car in bubble wrap or something. Lol

Tiger  Two
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At 11 you are really too young.  They are expensive and very easily broken. When one breaks it can rip your natural nail off too.  That hurts real bad and takes months to heal.  My advice is save this money for something else. You would need your parent with you.

Curiously Curious
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I have heard of people being on that medicine for many years. Mostly due to the risk of them relapsing. That is depending on how bad the addiction was and how long they were addicted. Some doctors say it's something you could be on for the rest of your life.  There is a different type … Read more