Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance answered spunky monkey's question

I say what I remember right now, well, it was in one of my classes in high school, something came up for our teacher to leave for a few minutes, all of a sudden we got crazy & started doing crazy things, like singing poems & making sounds etc...

Someone started to film this for memory, … Read more

YNP Yosey
YNP Yosey answered spunky monkey's question

When I was about 19, a girlfriend and I decided to get dressed up and take ourselves out to dinner at what we thought was a fancy restaurant.  We both wore VERY adult dresses (short and very tight) and spiked heels, did our hair (big hair as it was the 80s)....the whole works.

Well, we … Read more

Roy Lovett
Roy Lovett answered Sane Mori's question

You could still be Aru, just answer for yourself. Sane Mori is an oc, correct? :)

As for your question. Like Ty, I am working to figure myself out too... Have you truly figured yourself out? There are some things I have figured out about me that I don't like. Like you, they scare me … Read more

Tyson Evans
Tyson Evans answered Sane Mori's question

First off, Welcome Sane Mori and goodbye, Aru Akise... I like you better like this. You're kinder, gentle even.

Than you for your thought provoking question. Truth is, I'm finding out new stuff about myself everyday. I'm no expert, even when it comes to me.... I'm scared that when I do find out who I … Read more

Gator Blu
Gator Blu answered spunky monkey's question

I don't remember this, but have heard the story several times. When I was little, still in diapers, I decided to paint my toe nails with bright red nail polish. I know you are thinking, that doesn't sound so bad. The thing is a young toddler doesn't have the dexterity to paint their nails without … Read more

dragonfly forty-six
dragonfly forty-six answered spunky monkey's question

I was four. My parents had been given some tootsie rolls. I asked for one and my mom said no. So, in the middle of the night I went sneaking into the kitchen, opened the drawer slooooowly, put my hand in the drawer and bam! On went the kitchen light! BUSTED!

Victor Reine
Victor Reine answered spunky monkey's question

I won't say what it was exactly but my brother Luke kept shouting out stuff while I was giving a speech... We were in drama club, my teacher is cool and Luke was being inappropriate, I can't say some stuff for content reasons lol but it was pretty embarrassing... The comments were all directed towards … Read more

Retired Kop
Retired Kop answered Craig Marshall's question

Wow, where do I start. My favorite was being dispatched to a home for an unknown problem.  When I knocked on the door a man answered inviting me in.  When I got inside I noticed the floor, walls, ceiling and everything was covered or wrapped in tin foil. The guy then put on a tin … Read more

Retired Kop
Retired Kop answered Poppy Davies' question

A real Kitchen Stove that helped produced those wonderful Sunday dinners.  Where the family came together to eat a slow cooked meal with all of its favors, got to communicate without texting, tweeting or any of this new so called communication.  People talked, laughed, and shared!