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Talk to your mom and see when hers started. Remember, every girl is different so you can't base this on your friends. You can get a general timeline from any sisters you might have and your mom.

A good sign you're getting close to the time when your first period will arrive is if you notice … Read more

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That truth exists and is the proper object of study.

Of course, if you want to find gold, I think it's a good idea to learn all that is known currently about successful gold mining.

If you prefer finding rubies, you need to determine which geological activity produces them and where that occurs.

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Could mean nothing at all other then a nice gesture . . .

Why not treat it as such until he actually extends more then a friendship to you.

Danae Hitch
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Don't worry so much about what your friends have to say about this situation. If you want to know what's going on, ask him. He might have decided to splurge on a gift for you because he had the money then. He might not have had it before. Don't overthink it or ask all your … Read more