Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered sam smith's question

Sam you really need to decide what you want? This lad treated you badly (like crap), and called you paranoid when you know he was doing wrong.  Do you want to stay in a relationship like that? If you haven't had enough of his behaviour then stay until you've had enough.

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Dumb Goat
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I was going to make a point similar to Gator Blu, but I believed she expressed it better than I would have.

If you decide to believe that homosexuality is wrong anyways, I want to encourage you to be respectful of gay people anyways and act like a decent person. While you don't have to … Read more

Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered

OK, Class, listen up:

Earth is closest to the sun every year in early January, when it’s winter for the Northern Hemisphere. We’re farthest away from the sun in early July, during our Northern Hemisphere summer.

On January 4, our planet Earth reaches its closest point to the sun for all of 2017 at 14:18 Universal TimeRead more