Tris Fray Potter
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I play flute too.  They're not that big or heavy (...unless you have an alto or bass flute, which you should have said).  You don't need a special bike.  As Soul Fly said, you would probably want to look at what sort of terrain you have to ride on as to what type of bike … Read more

Soul Fly
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I would gauge it on the path that you would ride on. For example if you are dealing with hills you may want something with gears to help ease the ride. If its a flat ride all the way through a beach cruiser would be a nice ride and comfortable with room to add attachments … Read more

Soul Fly
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Usually that means that it can last up to that amount of time if not used and left in idle. My phone battery says its upto 20.000 hours. Im sure if I never turned it on that could be the case but as it is now I get about 12-24 hours on average.

KB Baldwin
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When I was 17, I began dating a girl who was 13, almost 14.  We dated for about 4.5 years before getting married.  We will be celebrating our 50th wedding next January.    And when my daughter was almost 14, i reflected and wondered "what in the world were my future in-laws thinking letting her … Read more

KB Baldwin
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Don't know if they even sell them anymore,, but I had a rack on the back of my bike that would hold all sorts of stuff with the aid of a bungee cord or two.  The rack was originally designed for a paperroute. 

Virginia Hoyt
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Dear Austin Jones,

I hate to admit this now that school is resuming for young Blurters, but I was an equal-opportunity hater of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. The only years as bad as those four years were grades one through eight. (Thankfully no k back in 1949.)

But then you know what? I really enjoyed … Read more

Didge Doo
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Do you remember, as a child, how you used to make a kind of primitive walkie talkie by running a string between two empty jam tins?

Well the first TV worked on the same principle but instead of jam tins they used mirrors.

(How on earth did you dig up this old question, Megan?)

Didge Doo
Didge Doo answered

Of course not. I have one of those ultra-modern TV sets that has a "good taste control". It's called the on/off switch.

There's greater cause for saying that the Internet causes more harm than good but, as with TV, we get what we seek. There's no need for us to gravitate to the lowest level; … Read more