Abigail Connor
Abigail Connor answered Four Palmz's question

Normally it's tea for me (usually some random flavor that I decided on a whim to buy), but this morning I had coffee with French vanilla creamer. The top left side of my bed is against a window so I sit and read while the dogs people watch

Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn answered Dark Majinn's question

Always thought Errol Flynn was the best. After reading his autobiography : My Wicked Wicked Ways, he had a great life until Hollywood destroyed him. But his movies are still great !

Dark Majinn
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I would have the uncanny ability to pick the correct lottery numbers BEFORE they are called . . . Incase the wand takes me too "Literal" . . At least 48 hours before they are called.

Be just my luck to know the numbers 1 minute before . . . LOL.

Normal Nobody
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POSSIBLY.  I know in this state, many companies will say they have drug screening, and ask if you would be willing to take one if you are hired.  If you say no, then the application is terminated.  If you say yes then...

Well... 9 times out of 10, I've never had a job actually go through … Read more

Normal Nobody
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Mr. Weiner's Wiener is out again, huh? Not a surprise. 

Honestly, in NYC, it wasn't taken as big of a deal as the rest of the country, at least by most people.  But, once he came out and promised he would stop...

He can't even keep a promise to his wife, and already broke that promise … Read more