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I play regularly on both actually. Well, I play on PC now instead of console, but I probably spend more time on my PC with The Elder Scrolls Online game than I do with my mobile device. On PC, the graphics are better and the games are more drawn out with better stories and better … Read more

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It sounds like a cold to me, but if you're concerned, see your doctor. We can't see you over the Internet and wouldn't dream of trying to diagnose you without knowing your medical history.

Danae Hitch
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If you have a debit card with them, that at least one of your cards is tied to that checking account. That's where they are pulling the money from. If you are not sure - call them and find out. They will be able to better advise you than we will.

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Manners will get you far, my friend. If someone speaks to you, then respond with a smile and answer them politely. If you share a cubicle, then speak to your coworker when you come in. If someone asks you to do something, smile and say that you'll be happy to.

Listen to what others are talking … Read more

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This infection is caused by bacteria called staphylococcus which can be found usually in the noses or on the skin of healthy people. The infection happens when those bacteria penetrate into the body and invade the organs such heart, lungs, bones and joints. Staph infection can be fatal for even healthy people who get caught … Read more