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Theoretically speaking it seems like it would improve certain things in life if secrets would be abolished. In politics for example, if one party doesn't deliver upon their promises in their manifesto then they would forced to admit that they won't put this policy into practice so they might not get lots of votes - … Read more

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My father fought in the 8th Army, across North Africa and then through Sicily and up through Italy. My Grandfather fought on the Somme in the first world war, he was already nearly 40 years of age when he was sent to the front. Both survived, neither ever talked about their experiences in war.

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Bradley  Lomax
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I don't personally know any veterans except from my friend's dad and my taxi escort, both of who served in the Falklands war. I tend to have brief conversations with both of them about such manner and I did indeed thank them for their service to this country. But I will always have a respect … Read more

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Most of Italy has a Mediterranean type of climate, which has cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Winter temperatures along and near the coasts of southern Italy seldom drop to freezing in winter, and summer temperatures often reach 90° F (32° C) or higher.

Aaron Boutilier
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Deadpool (Wade Winston Wilson) is a fictional antihero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/writer Rob Liefeld, the character first appeared in The New Mutants #98 (February 1991)

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Yes! I absolutely do! Thank you Rooster! I thank my dad all the time. I know some others who are veterans and thank them also. I'm very appreciative of the things our veterans do and have done, so I didn't and don't  have to. They've seen things that I never care to, and because of … Read more

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I think the Atomic Bomb is a man made disaster ! It was needed to end WW2 , but it's been a threat to mankind ever since. Someday, someone is going to push a button and create the biggest disaster to man that ever will happen. Another is the escape of a biological weapon ! … Read more

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When writing an acknowledgement for a project, you must simply thank the people that have helped you complete the piece of work, mention the teachers who have guided you and supported you along the way, and also summarize what you've learned and what you enjoyed from partaking in this particular assignment.

Here's a quick acknowledgment IRead more

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A big grass field on an orbiting satellite is a joke which refers to a parking space.

It can be broken down into:

  • A park (the big grass field)
  • In space (an "orbiting satellite" is the phrase used to refer to things like planets, moons and asteroids in space, which revolve around a larger body … Read more
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First question is : How does your Husband feel about his Mother living there and how it's affecting your marriage? If he's siding with his Mother then it's going to be trouble. I know this sounds cold but you'll have to tell him either you or her. 

If he's with you then it's up to him … Read more

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Hold your brother. Let him know that you are there for him, that you care about him. Stroke his back. Tell him that it is all ok.  Tell him that he does not have to suffer anymore. Let him know that he does not have to hurt himself anymore. Be there for him. Stay with … Read more

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I see what you mean as almost all of them come from questionable sites, however I will ask my phone tech tomorrow what he thinks is best. He's the phone and mobile device guru! But I do know the best junk cleaner and it's free. I use it on everything and it works great!

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It was so funny because it was unexpected! And to take-off such an iconic and well loved film - well only Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean could have the nerve!

Clever Danny Boyle.  I thought there were a lot of risky bits in the ceremony, and lots of little 'in jokes' that were obvious to people … Read more

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I guess it's bad in a way but sooner or later you're going to have to be your own person. Time now that you break away from those trying to run your life and seek out your own life. If it's your Parents that are running your life, then you'll have to conform till you're … Read more