Gokula krishnan
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1) Soldiers fired Fusillade of missiles to destroy their enemy .

2) I get fusillade of Goosebumps when i hear the National anthem of my country :) .

3) Iron is subjected to fusillade of strikes to get it into required shape :) .

Gokula krishnan
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Yes ,most of the human needs are satisfied by technology ,technology may be constructive or destructive , we have to use technology for constructive purpose not for the latter. For example mobile phone is a kind of great technology in which it helps us to share information through long distances ,internet,computer ,nuclear technology ,etc many … Read more

Yin and Yang
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You must not be talking about women..... Women care about their careers, their children, their husbands. We do so much caring for those we love we usually have no time to care about make up and usually have to squeeze some sex in our busy schedules..... Maybe you need to leave girls alone and look … Read more

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Sometimes you just have to do what is best for you. If these fake people are not healthy for you to be around then it is time to cut them out. Don't feel bad because chances are if they are fake then they have other fake people to be fake with.......

Yin and Yang
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I swore that happened to me before! But when I didn't see a missed call or text message I just assumed either my phone was going crazy or I was extra extra tired. But now I wonder........... Hmmmm.......

Walter The Grump
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Why are you such a coward you ask this hiding in anonyminity? You're either a close minded, sexist, bigot, or you're trolling. I honestly believe there are way more men after only sex than women. Every job I have ever worked there's a number of men trying to hook up with women.