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The incandescent light bulb was invented by Joseph Swan, and improved by Thomas Alva Edison.

Swan passed an electric current through the carbonised strands of a ladies fan (can't remember what the fan was made of, but you'll find that on Google)

Einstein did not invent anything - he explained a hell of a lot though.

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It's probably mains hum, but it could be any number of things. I've just replaced my guitar lead with a much shorter one. I make sure it never loops,and I keep it away from any other electrical sources and what was once a very hummy Strat is now nice and quiet (unless I wish to … Read more

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I don't normally respond to "how do I lose weight" questions because there are as many opinions/theories/quack websites as there are overweight people. It's also dangerous to give semi-medical advice if you are not a doctor. 

Your target is at least achievable, not all are.

Having said all that....

I concur with the other two answers.

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When you starve yourself, your body goes into 'starvation mode'. This basically means that your body thinks you're starving so it grabs on to every calorie it can find, which actually makes it more difficult to lose weight.

Try eating little and often. It's a better way of eating, rather than having a large meal when … Read more

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It really depends on how old he is, and his state of health. Such policies used to be called "Mortgage Protection Policies" and are usually designed for young men who don't expect to die any time soon (a hope that the insurance companies share). Best way to find out is to call a broker.

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The BBC Athletics Commentator Ron Pickering (no longer with us alas) famously said "She's completely lost her sense of spatial awareness" when he meant "She's fallen on her a**". We once had another commentator, David Coleman (also recently deceased) who turned that sort of nonsense into an art form. Private Eye, a satirical magazine, published … Read more

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  1. You can make changes without retyping the entire document.
  2. You can easily correct typing mistakes.
  3. You can easily delete text from document.
  4. It is easy to insert a word, sentence, or paragraph in the middle (or any location) of a document.
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