Rooster Cogburn
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You don't need to call anyone to reset your password. Look at this info and it will tell you how. I put two different ones there and they both explain how to do this.

3 Ways to Recover a Gmail Password - wikiHow

Manage your Google Account password - Gmail Help

Angela Anthony
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Yes, it's wrong. Even though you have never met, there's something innately wrong with a 23 year old "dating" a 14 year old. Once you are 18, you can talk, date, whatever with someone of any older age of your choosing. Ask your parents if there's something wrong with it!

Angela Anthony
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I would eat more bland foods, and eat small amounts more frequently rather than a whole meal. Acetaminophen may help some if you're not allergic. Otherwise, visit your doctor for further advise.

missie diannat
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Just remember, it's your decision on who you date. I would suggest that you should enjoy life. Don't try to grow up too fast. This should be something you worries about many years later, not now. Just know that the choices you make it'll have its own consequences. Good luck.

Arthur Wright
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Not really weird as it is wrong. This does happen because the younger one is- to have an adult take a liking to you makes that younger person feel all grown up and macho.  

The one problem here is why can't this 23 year old find someone in his own age group?  Unfortunately this raises all … Read more

Arthur Wright
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The biggest thing here is to find a void in the business section of where you live. In other words would the business be filling a need in your area?  Also if its something you love to do and are good at it,  that's a huge plus in favor of successful business. 

And are you prepared … Read more

Arthur Wright
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Simple, since its of no use to you, turn it into the Police Station near where she found it as the owner is probably going nuts trying to find it. It's the right thing to do here

Anonymous answered

It is not abuse if your parents smack you on the bum or something. Some parents are only doing it because you've done something really bad and its just like saying don't do it again.

If you get bruises or seriously hurt then that is abuse.

excuseream eream
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There are a lot of things you can do brother, like making a blog. This way you can make a statement of your everyday life. Just search, its only at the tip of your fingers rather than sitting on your couch all day and staring at the ceiling. Get used to it, enjoy your life.

Alex Beierle
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To be honest, it's mostly "Christians" and atheists that do that.  Atheists because they think Christians are morons, and "Christians" because the vast majority of them are self righteous hypocrites.

Now, the "Christians" I'm talking about are just regular people who go to Church on Sundays and call themselves Christian.  "Christian" is merely a title for … Read more