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If it is drawing from the imagination just redraw the thing again and again, change the things you don't like about it until you do like it.

Or just focus on individual shapes in the "thing" rather than the shape as a whole.

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Use BIDMAS/BODMAS (The letters are in the right order)


Indicies/Operations (roots, squares etc)





3 + 4 * 9 - 6

First you would do multiplication

3 + (4 * 9) - 6

= 3 + 36 - 6

the addition

= (3 + 36) - 6

= 39 - 6


The answer is 33.

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Suicide is a very serious matter. God is love and knows what makes us anxious or worried . He also understands our emotional state . Suicide is usually a cry for relief but it is much more effective if a person can find relief while living, because only God can undo death.

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They probably just want people to say that their answer is correct.

If them arguing back starts with "Surely..." or something like that they are probably just digging deeper to get more of a detailed answer.

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I am going to guess that whatever carnivore that lives in the same place as a wild pig would hunt them. Also any scavenger lucky enough to come across a carcass of a dead pig would most likely have a fine meal. 

So I am saying that it depends on the area in which you … Read more

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There should be a lot of different places in your area to try. Fabric stores might have some. Wall mart and big box stores might have some even Walgreen and cvs might have some. There is a store in my area that has goods like that. It is called Sally's. I suggest that you take … Read more

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No. People don't like to be corrected. It hurts their feelings and it's just not that important 

Also I don't want anyone correcting my grammar.

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No you are a typical girl that is expressing herself in things she likes