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It may be normal if it only happens once, or there are some additional circumstances, like you are very young and just started menstruating, or started/stopped getting birth control pills.

Irregular menstrual periods can also be caused by hormonal imbalances, you can read more about hormonal imbalances and how you can overcome them. 

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Yupp one of my friend is in relationship since high school and they are still happily together..During high school they both were close to each other and after that they both went to different places for further studies and their relationship  became more stronger and their bond became more stronger. 

After that they told their families … Read more

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There is a new controversial Airbnb logo which was created very recently. There has been a lot of negative comments about it from audiences and marketers alike because of its inappropriate shape. You can see it by simply Googling for it. This is a prime example of a logo design gone wrong. For some well … Read more

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No.  If you sell as a person on Ebay, You just have to been reliable and send out the product promptly so it gets to the buyer quickly and communicate, communicate, communicate. 

If you are selling online as a business, it is essential to bulid that trust and loyality online.  You have to set up … Read more

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Prince Harry! Well endowed?

What a question to ask about the fourth in line to the throne of Great Britain and the Commonwealth!  Really!

Prince Harry (aka Henry Charles Albert David) should be able to keep some parts of his life private - don’t you think? 

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I’m not sure if this question would elicit a different answer if the question was about the advantages and disadvantages of youth in education or medicine or banking rather than politics?

It’s probably assumed that in other jobs/professions your youth would be rather a disadvantage, because you have to start … Read more

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3/8 + 3/10

To add fractions you need like denominators. 40 does here. Now a form of one to get your fractions into adding shape.

5*3/5*8 +4*3/4*10

15/40 + 12/40

= 27/40


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For me it wasn't, I've been burned by people who claimed to love me, who were right in front of me, I've met several people online who are truly wonderful people. I actually found the man of my dreams online, I trust him with my life, you ask about loyal....I've never had someone so honest … Read more

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Never, ever believe rumors. Rumors are nothing but someone starting crap to make themselves look better, or to make another person feel bad. Your best bet is to really get to know this guy, talk to him, and form your own opinion of him from the way he treats you and the way he conducts … Read more

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If you have an appointment with your doctor in the morning, I wouldn't worry about the hospital. Sepsis starts as just a plain old infection that's been left untreated, your doctor will give you antibiotics should he deem them necessary. I would however tell him of your concerns.

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Cellulite is subcutaneous fat that appears as dimples on the skin, most commonly on the hips and thighs. Cellulite is more common in women than in men because cellulite can also be caused by hormonal factors and they have more of a tendency to store fat in the hip and thigh areas. 

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The applications of digital communication are many and varied.

Digital communications are sometimes referred to as digital transmissions or data transmissions. They are the transfer of information from one point to another or from one point to multiple other points. The information travels along various channels. 

These may be copper wires, optical fibres, electromagnetic signals, electrical … Read more

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In the modern enterprise, information is used in seemingly endless ways to generate profit. In fact, this is the age of information. 

Millions of organisations across the globe are trading on nothing but information, some of it raw data, some of it detailed facts and figures pertaining to individuals, communities, political organisations, goods and, of course, … Read more

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A statement of cash flow (or cash flow statement) is used to record cash coming into and leaving a company. It lets investors know how things are going, where money is being sent from and where the business is sending it on to.

Uses of a statement of cash flow in accounting

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The question 'how old do I look to you?' is one fraught with potential awkwardness. 

When someone asks this most people are inclined to consider their honest answer and then subtract around five years. The worst possible outcome if if you do this and still put the person at a decade older than their real age. 

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You would like to know what the words 'penetrating insight' mean. To explain this, let's break the words down:

'Penetrate' means 'to enter' or to 'pass through'.

Here are some examples of the ways that the word can be used in a sentence:

"The bullet penetrated the man's shoulder."

"The skewer was used to penetrate the … Read more

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You say that you failed your 12th examination in 2013 and waited a whole year to re-take the exam. The first thing you should do is realise that a failed exam is not a failed life. It can be difficult to appreciate when you're young how many incredible and valuable experiences you are going to … Read more