Tris Fray Potter
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That gay marriage isn't legal in Australia, or many other parts of the world... They're still people, and they deserve the same rights as straight people!

Gender equality is still a problem

Domestic violence

Depression and other mental illnesses

That people are sick enough (in the head) to do things that they do

The human race's obsession with the US … Read more

Didge Doo
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I understand why you would want some "me" time but if he's like most boyfriends he won't want to give up his jollies. You may have to hand him an ultimatum.

Virginia Lou
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Oh HSAA, hello!

Yes we have just been discussing this long-time quandary of zero...         Also those pesky negative numbers, so impossible of concept.

And now, we are asked to accept the square root of (-1) !!!                           This strange little i,Read more

Didge Doo
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Thanks for clarifying. I was about to say that we got it from the Arabs.

However, zero isn't the only thing that has the ability to change things. Tom Lehrer said the same thing about silent 'e'.

Gator Blu
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1. Americans are diverse.

2. They like their basic freedoms.

3. They don't really like either of the candidates from the two major parties in the upcoming presidential elections.

4. Most Americans believe in their constitution.

6. (?) The U.S. Is a country where 5 follows the number 4. (This isn't apparently true for you.)