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I may have gingivitis but I don't have all the same symptoms I read on google. It also says can be cured by flossing, brushing and using mouthwash which I did but it didn't cure it. I have a dentist appointment but it's next month.

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Solomon, a particularly smart cookie, suggested that when we cast our bread upon the waters it will repay us (well, we "will find it after many days"). It's not a bad philosophy. What goes around comes around, not by any mystical balancing act (karma) but because the kind of personality we develop attracts similar people … Read more

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My last phone was a iphone 5s I kept it in really good condition, no scratch, screen was not cracked...,I kept for a few years. Just a few months ago when I finally revived a 6s+. I was asked if I wanted it so I said yes. The only problem with phones is that they … Read more
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Hinduism and Buddhism believe in karma.

The bible also has something similar in Galatians 6:7:  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

But I'm not involved in balancing the justice-mercy equation in the universe, so I just keep movin' on.

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There's a Cherokee teaching that we all have within us two wolves; one is good, the other bad. The two wolves fight and the winner will be the one we feed best.

Emotions are like that. If you dwell on the negative you are feeding the weaker side of your personality' if you focus on … Read more

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Although you are not blood relative, biologically there is nothing wrong with it .. However morally it's questionable and could potentially cause a lot of drama in your family.

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By "throwing her problems on you" you mean she is sharing what is on her mind .. My guess is because she trusts you enough to share, she has no one else to vent to or she may simply need you to understand the challenges she faces so you can understand what she is going … Read more

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Self Improvement

Helping people help themselves

Giving Back

Understanding, Wisdom, Learning, and Fresh perspectives

Healthy and amazing food (should be one and the same)



Love/Friendship (Romantic Alert)

Running, Jogging, walking, and swimming

Meaningful writing (Can be in any form. From a simple book to a video game/movie or anime. )