Tom  Jackson
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You have asked your question in the first sentence you wrote.

The answer is "Yes."

Now you need to develop a philosophy of life that allows you to realize that living is indeed worthwhile.

mary adam
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Because what the person is saying isn't interesting?  It is rude in polite conversation,  but also human if you see something that captures you're interest which isn't going to last. I think it depends on how well you know the person,  if they are a friend and you say look and point it out but … Read more

Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch answered Walter The Grump's question

It's been a pretty gradual shift in how news is "reported" that many people come to accept what is given to them without questioning it. Integrity used to mean something. Values used to mean something. Not any longer. It's pretty sad.

Walt O'Reagun
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Not necessarily

Those examples are not culture specific.
Just because Volkswagens were made in Germany, does not make them part of German culture.

Gator Blu
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Grief is part of the process after ending a relationship. So is adjusting your life. If you were living together it is a bigger adjustment. Just take stock in what you do have an go from there. Life is too short to be spent with someone who is abusive. And socially if people are bailing … Read more

Refreshme Refreshme
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I take it that couples therapy is out of the question and is probably something he won't attend.

Have you considered approaching him with the option of an open relationship ?

The both of you maintain your bond, your finances, your social life but are able to see/ date other people. It may improve your relationship … Read more