Tom  Jackson
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Well, age and size of bike are factors.

I learned from some of the kids in the neighborhood.

They said they would hold me up which they did---at first.

Once you get moving at a decent speed, the gyroscopic effect of the wheels keeps you upright.

So when I looked back to say thanks, they weren't there.

Problem was, I … Read more

Anonymous answered

This is what it looks like, it's a bit dried out because it had been sitting on the table while I was trying to look it up. Read more

Dark Majinn
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Best way ever . . . It was such an interesting way my wife came up with for teaching my oldest, AND his next door neighbor friend.

Gently sloping hill  . . . It can't be terribly steep but the longer the better. Draw a "Start Line" with a piece of sidewalk chalk and make sure … Read more

Matt Radiance
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1.Beauty is the nature of humans and this planet, we love to craft, build, decorate and keep things clean, specially if we spending an extended time inside it.

2.Beauty is directly in relation with our mind, our emotions respond to beauty, it amazes us and excites us, this is our nature to admire the beauty and … Read more

Rooster Cogburn
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From :

The leaves of a plant make sugar during the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis occurs in light (photo = light), such as when the sun is shining. The energy from the sunlight is used to make energy for the plant. So, when plants are making sugar (for fuel, energy) on a sunny day, they … Read more