Skunky Stinkerson
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I would say the Crypto Lockers. They're quite destructive, and have caused tons of money in Damage. In the US, a hospital's computer system got infected and they paid 30grand to the thieves to get everything back.
A ransomware trojan that  encrypts your files and then demands you to give them a few hundred
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mary adam
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I know a couple like this, I use to always come away from them feeling tired. I realised that everything they said was negative. It is emotionally draining to try and lighten a wet blanket. I realised this couple didn't want to be cheered up they wanted to make me miserable like them, I now … Read more

YoWanna Cook
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Yang came home from work telling me about this demonic crazy raccoon that kept coming after him while he was transferring his truck. It was not scared of him so he tossed one of my sandwiches at it... And it ate it then came back for seconds! Today he had the same run so I … Read more

Darik Majoren
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YO have no worries here . . . Exercise is fine and usually doesn't stunt one's growth. You should be adding in about 20-30 minutes of stretching into the beginning and end of your routines though . . . This will make you feel better about feeling like you are compacting yourself . . .