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Hi Anonymous - if the car is not already LPG capable it will need an LPG conversion.  It is a pretty straight forward procedure and can be done by specialist mechanics.

After the works are complete your car can have the option of running on LPG or whatever fuel it used to use beforehand.

Hope that helps.

Dark Majinn
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Sorry for your family's loss Dragon Fly.

I have had many pets that were part of our family that gave us great comfort and joy . . . I hold their memories in my mind, and think of them often.

Dark Majinn
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Knowledge reserved for a select few, and regarded and withheld with honor and respect from the public, or others outside that circle of trust . . .

Or it's the prefixed name to this fella -

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Fear, especially irrational fear, stops a lot of forward motion for people. They're thinking the pain from the hurt will be worse than actually trying something they're afraid of.

It took years of hard work and patience from my dentist, but I can now go to the dentist without them using laughing gas on me when … Read more

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Since we don't know the camp, we can't tell you.

But all the summer camps I went to (in my youth) had shared shower areas - but the showers themselves were individual with curtains.

If you want to know for sure - call the camp and ask them.