Barb Cala
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Does the blame really matter?  Sometimes, you're just not right for each other.  It takes two people to make a relationship work.  Looking for blame is kind of immature and counter productive.  Find your own personal happiness before getting involved with anyone.  You'll make better choices that way.

Danae Hitch
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Johnny, what I find striking is the fact that you never once mentioned how you just want to meet a wonderful woman and fall in love and want to spend the rest of your life in this partnership.

It's been all about the money you want to earn, the children you want to have, your legacy, … Read more

otis campbell
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Brakes could be locking up intermittently i seen this on alot of gm cars the brake hose from the frame to the caliper on the front wheels is bad

Rooster Cogburn
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Piles of sites online for OEM parts but not knowing where you live or what type of vehicle makes this impossible to answer. I would just use a search engine for the area you live in. Buying OEM parts wholesale usually requires a business license for those prices. Aftermarket prices are much cheaper.