Dumb Goat
Dumb Goat answered Yin and Yang's question

I've been to an exact equal amount of both. However, in a couple months my brother is getting married. Then I would have been to more weddings. I went to a memorial though, which I didn't count as a funeral, as a traditional funeral could not be afforded. It was much more casual and not … Read more

Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered Unique Hold's question

You need some more eggs in your basket. Make a diary and then fill it with things to do. Go out to different places and meet new people. Do these things despite how you are feeling, sometimes a change of circumstances is what we need to free ourselves.

Bikergirl Anonymous
Bikergirl Anonymous answered Unique Hold's question

There is no such thing as a 'quick fix' in matters of the heart.  Wounds take time to heal .. And heal at at their own pace. Each wound differs from the next .. No two are exactly alike.

Tiger Paws
Tiger Paws answered Unique Hold's question

You did this to yourself. Now stop the obsession with this woman. All she wanted was to be friends you have to learn the how to be friends first.

Gator Blu
Gator Blu answered Unique Hold's question

Everyone is different so we cannot tell you how long it will take. To help getting over it. Get out and do things you like to do.  Meet with friends. Take walks.