mary adam
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"It takes a crook to catch a criminal." I know retired police officers who told me corruption exists on the force,  and the blue wall of silence or brotherhood does exist.

Police violence exists but officers are often equitted even in … Read more

Ray  Dart
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If you visit some parts of Luton in Bedfordshire, England, you'll struggle to find anyone who has any time for the police.

The police interfere with their drug dealing, their exploitation of teenaged girls and their obsession with radical Islam.

I have to say that the same people are not involved in all three activities (although, for … Read more

Space Cowboy
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Growing up poor, I can tell you there's a big difference between cops in cities with a lot of minorities and poor neighborhoods compared to cops in a rich suburb where parents walk their 6 year old to school in the morning before a book meeting at the local cafe.

Majority of the best cops … Read more