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"Sponsorship" isn't widely widely available, but if it is financial assistance that you need, there are a number of scholarships which you can apply for.

Unfortunately, not just anyone can get a scholarship. There are a lot of different conditions and hoops to jump through in order to qualify.

Here's a guide to help you fund yourRead more

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DVR-MS (Digital Video Recording- MicroSoft) is a legacy file type used by Windows in older versions of Windows Media Centre. The same file types are now called .wtv files (Windows Recorded TV). Any PC using Windows Vista and beyond will use .wtv, but essentially it is the same file type.

In terms of converting the file … Read more

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Digital magazine publishing is the act of making a magazine available electronically on the internet. This can be a digital version of a magazine that is already in print - for example, "Hello!" the celebrity gossip magazine is sold both in shops, and via a digital edition online.

There is usually little or … Read more

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Plastic bank notes are made from a polymer, and have many advantages over the traditional paper notes.

Longevity: They last far longer (around 2.5 times) than the paper notes as the material is more durable. The plastic is not porous which means they do not absorb moisture and dirty- a huge benefit in hot, humid countries. … Read more

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Entrepreneurship plays an important role under the private enterprise system for a number of reasons:

Innovation: Entrepreneurs are able to create innovative and creative ways to develop the market and introduce new business ideas.

Competition: By breaking out on their own, away from established businesses and often stagnant markets, entrepreneurs increase market competition, a vital part of … Read more

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The first thing you should do is "power cycle" the device. This is a fancy way of saying to switch the printer off at the wall, and then turn it back on. 

Yep, it's that complicated. 

It's amazing how many problems this simple process can solve, though. And that goes for any electrical device: printers, mobile phones, … Read more

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Step 1) -13x and + 13x are 'like terms' (meaning that they are similar and can be combined. If you combine them, you would simply get 0.

Step 2) Therefore, the first part of the equation is + 32.

Step 3) If you want to find the answer, you need to isolate the 'x' terms. To do … Read more

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Before selling a work of art you consider of some value, it is a good idea to get it authenticated first, so you know for sure whether you are selling a copy or the original. For John T Fitzgerald, you may need an expert in Arizona art, or art of the American deserts.

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Yes, Google maps does use data but to be honest it's a negligible amount (hardly anything), and there are ways to keep your Google Maps data usage low...

If you are planning a journey, find your route and download turn by turn directions whilst you are on WiFi. When in the car, turn off … Read more
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Diffusion is the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. This occurs naturally in environments without outside variables, or can also occur when particles pass through a semi-permeable membrane.

Diffusion happens in many situations in living organisms, and in some instances is a vital process which ensures the … Read more

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Operation KKK is a virtual attack on the Ku Klux Klan currently being carried out by the collective group of hacktivists known as Anonymous.  It all came about when the Ku Klux Klan decided to send out a flyer to Ferguson residents, suggesting that they would use lethal force against protesters.

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Personally, I'm on the fence about this one! I do think the shirt was inappropriate, and I can see why some women may be offended by it considering the context. But, I can't help but feel sorry for the guy.

I don't think he deserved the personal attack, and I think his shirt makes more of … Read more

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It was definitely a poor choice of shirt for a TV appearance.  I mean, surely SOMEONE would have thought "Hold on, this won't look great"? Aside from being one of the most unattractive shirts I've ever seen, it does open a can of worms, as he's now realised!

Having said that, I do think it's a … Read more

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Personally, I don't think the shirt was really that offensive.

There are far worse and more demeaning images which we're exposed to on a daily basis in the name of  "entertainment" (Kim Kardashian's latest photo-shoot for example)... So I kind of find it difficult to understand what all the fuss is about!

I can see … Read more

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Ebola is a slow starter; it creeps into the body and attacks the immune system. It targets the same cells as the AIDS virus (T-Lymphocyte cells) but Ebola is much more aggressive and munches its way through all kinds of immune cells at an alarming rate.
The only things Ebola doesn't attack are bones and skeletal … Read more
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As much as I think, the communication with a pen friend has changed as before people used to write letters which took more time to reach their place compared with an email or something! So now some people or I don't know how many use net service to communicate instead of writing letters! But still … Read more

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It is generally considered that there are 6 types of informal reports. These are as follows:

  • Information Reports

This usually follows the format of introduction, main body and conclusion. These reports are usually just data based, and used to stack necessary data e.g. Daily activity.

  • Progress Reports

These are progress-based reports that … Read more

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In order to explore the answer to this question, we must first understand the meaning behind both of these notions. A schema is a pattern of thought, or some type of thinking habit. 

Constructive processing relates to the minds ability to absorb and process information fromRead more