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My cat was very sick yesterday and not herself. I took her straight to the vet and she was given anti sickness and antibiotic injections. She still has had no good or water and I have been trying to give her some hydration liquid from a syringe. How long can cats go without eating it … Read more

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People with diabetes do not handle their condition by cutting "sugary" foods out of their diet. If you have diabetes, you can eat sugar-containing foods as part of your generally meal plan, as long as you account for the carbohydrate and calories in the food as part of your overall meal plan.

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It depends on your trip. If you go out for one day, I think to carry bottled water, it is ok. If you go out for several days, I think it is necessary to carry a water filter bottle. It should be convenient and portable, so you can reduce the weight of equipment and drink … Read more

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Dear Didge,

I don't know about the images...but I may be something of an expert on supermarket wonky wheels. The Wal-Mart in Des Moines had almost all wonky wheels, and I just assumed that someone had done a cost-benefit analysis that the store could increase its bottom line that way.

However with my particular set of sensitivities, … Read more

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This issue even I was facing sometime back and I wanted to get my child enrolled for some storytelling classes. After a lot of research, I finally shortlisted two : GIIS & GLS. After visiting the two schools, I decided GLS because they have this amazing new activity named mowgly's gurukul. It basically involves kids … Read more

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Don't listen to that "someone"!!!

Because broccoli is one of the BEST vegetables on earth. You can gain various health benefits from eating it frequently, from detoxification, skin care, digestion booster, bone and heart enhancer to cancer prevention, etc.

I think you should read the article Surprising Benefits of Broccoli to know more details … Read more

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  • Minis are easy to carry and travel with. Their lightness makes them akin to a notebook or book rather than a bulky laptop.  Thus, they’re a good choice if you do a lot of business travelling and you could use them to keep up with excel documents in the cloud.
  • The efficient size can also make … Read more
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You carry the whole world in your pocket.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I'm still getting used to the idea that I can carry a library with me. And getting over the surprise that reading a whole novel on a screen that size is no hardship at all.