Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch answered Violet rayne's question

If you're not on the lease, then your option is to move out or to try and set boundaries with them. If they don't listen to you, then move out. No one takes advantage of you without your permission.

If you feel stuck and feel you have no options, they will prey on that and … Read more

Skunky Stinkerson
Skunky Stinkerson answered Poppy Davies' question

Yes, but they use the information for ad targeting and better search results, you can avoid being tracked by using adblock and disabling 3rd party cookies in your browser.

PS. Your internet provider also keeps your browsing info. Everything you do on the internet is not a secrete. (if the government wants your info, they … Read more

Joel Contreras Palomino
Joel Contreras Palomino answered Tahlia kertesz's question

The exact date on which the story of Pirates of the Caribbean is the first film "The Curse of the Black Pearl", as shown in a scene that Sparrow has to pay for mooring in the port of Port Royal and it gives the man who keeps track of incoming and outgoing ships three shillings … Read more

Korvo One
Korvo One answered Rooster Cogburn's question

You could do like the oil sands plants do. Around their tailing ponds they set off explosions at intervals to scare the birds away. LOL

Seriously, record a shotgun being fired, and set up a motion sensor aimed at your pool, which would play the shotgun on a large speaker. That will scare them away.  True … Read more

ZombieE Lee
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Whatever keeps a society afloat is the moral decision. Being rude or unproductive is harmful to those around you. In order for us all to get along and make our lives easier we need to behave in a way that is best for those around us. You and I and everyone else need to behave … Read more

Aux Arcs
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Magnum PI.  Loved that show in its day but the last season or two got so dark and serious with nearly every episode I quite watching.   

X Files.  First few seasons were interesting but then thet focused too much on the alien thing and it got dull. 

Too many of my fav shows seem … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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In a woman with a true hourglass figure, the measurements of her hips and bust are essentially the same, and the waist measurement is equal to less than 75% of either the hip or bust measurement. The result is a very curvy figure that emphasizes broad hips and large breasts, two traits that have been … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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If we feel shame related to nudity, it apparently is a result of the fall of man in the "garden."

If that is so, then we humans as movie goers might have some difficulty in being able to properly appreciate nudity by empathizing with Adam & Eve prior to the fall.

Genesis 3:8-12New Revised Standard Version Catholic … Read more
Jojo A.
Jojo A. answered

It's pathetic that they have nothing better to do than put you down, You don't have to do anything, just live your life, they know where you live they made an opinion, it was wrong, you aren't pathetic you are ill. Take care of yourself and don't waste a moments worth of you essential energy … Read more

Jojo A.
Jojo A. answered Anonymous' question

Wow I would change that in a hurry. Why settle for hiding in the woods you are a grown up not a teenager. Tell him this, If he wants you in his life it needs to be out of the closet. Hiding is not the life for you. He needs to be a man and … Read more

Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered

Chihuahua's can have seizures, they are also prone to injury due to their size ie jumping off high furniture or steps etc. Untreated worms can also affect the brain, and they often suffer collaspsed trachea, enlarged hearts, cataracts and kidney problems. You need to take him to the vet so they can assess him.

Jojo A.
Jojo A. answered

Sounds like you are settling for less than you deserve and she has you by the "you knows" ! You seem desperate so she takes advantage. You shouldn't be sleeping in the same bed or under the same roof. You can move or ask her to, but if she's with someone else you HAVE to … Read more

Jojo A.
Jojo A. answered Dot Matrix's question

Sounds like you are scared he will go back to her which means you don't think he can move on from his past, and you are insecure about yourself and your ability to be a good enough girlfriend that he would want to keep. 

It's not about you or your fears, its about trust. You should … Read more

Taylor Brookes
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You can actually buy the one from the film at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour gift shop and its only a few hundred pounds, I was honestly so tempted to get it! But to have it made from scratch will be insanely expensive, im guessing upwards of £500 but I really can't say … Read more

Kaywinnet Frye
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Vitamin supplements aren't particularly effective in the first place unless you're already malnourished or pregnant.  But the time of day doesn't matter so much as accompaniment.  Some nutrients are absorbed better in the body when taken with something else- vitamins A, D, E, and K for example are fat soluble and so are absorbed better … Read more

Aux Arcs
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Jesus was born into a Jewish community and would have been educated under Judaic Law and I assume followed Judaic religious tradition.  We know he attended Jewish temple from the story of his twelveth year escapades.  However at 30 he was baptised by his cousin, who was himself called of God, and began teaching God's … Read more