Yin and Yang
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My dear Virginia,

What worries me is if something happens to the internet or cell phone towers. I mean we (the ones before the tech craze) know how to add, multiply, divide and subtract in our head. "Spell check" for us is looking up a word in the dictionary. We know how to research in a … Read more

Fortis Paradise
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Actually I was having this talk with my Mother the other day. At least in the culture that I'm living (I think the answer to your question varies for every culture) , people who want to be themselves have it harder today, because being accepted in the society now depends on how you dress and … Read more

Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor answered Anonymous' question

I am sorry to hear that. From my point of view, please try to find out whether there is misunderstanding between you. And calm down for a while. Turn friendship never be given up easily. 

Deepak Suwalka
Deepak Suwalka answered

The perimeter is the total distance around the outside, which can be found by adding together the length of each side. In the case of a rectangle, opposite sides are equal in length, so the perimeter is twice its width plus twice its length. Or as a formula:

P = 2(L+W)

L= Length

W= Width

Levi F.
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January 30th 2014 I was a freshman in college; it was Thursday so I was probably in my dorm room finishing homework so I'd have nothing to do Friday, leaving it open for parties. I remember on January 28th of that year, I had a really bad earache, probably the most horrible pain I've ever … Read more

Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud answered Virginia Lou's question

I think every generation has had their own set of problems. To compare the current generation to the past may not be the best comparision because there have been so many changes to the ways the youth today live in society compared to older generations.

The development of a more technological based/media-oriented society has caused … Read more

Levi F.
Levi F. answered Virginia Lou's question

Young people have some different problems than previous generations, but in many ways there are more similarities that due to collective generational blindness we don't see. And many of the differences are simply alternate ways of experience the same underlying anxieties and turmoil that all young people face as they enter adulthood. You look back … Read more

Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud answered Anonymous' question

An awkward situation means a person/or the people involved are uncomfortable with one another. When your friend said she wanted to end your friendship, it is likely because she is not comfortable with you. This does not put any blame on you or her. Some people just are not compatible, even if you thought she … Read more

Amrita Mehata
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There are many health benefits of consuming fresh Bombay duck fish regularly. However, make sure you are purchasing fresh quality of fish. Go either to the fish markets or you can buy from reputed online stores. Get improved memory power, reduced risk of heart issues, glowing skin, and much more.

Didge Doo
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About 1990 I attended a lecture by an Apache mystic named Oh Shinnah. Much of what she said was great; much was obviously fabricated. But relative to this question she said, "Our teenagers are slipping through the gaps in time." I thought she was spot on.

Is it any worse now than when I was … Read more

Ancient Hippy
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Jan. 1962...........8 years old, probably playing in the snow.

June 1989.........single father raising two kids, learning how to cook          anything other than hotdogs and TV dinners.

Jan. 2014..........sitting at my old computer, answering questions on Ask.