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I haven't.. But in my opinion my avatar photo shows my whole life story. Its almost as specific as a full driver's license with photo.

Maybe some day? You never know. I don't think its needed though. And it probably wouldn't be the most simple thing as we can all be from any location, considering this … Read more

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I dont like them all the way to one side or the other. Its definitely somewhere in between too thick and too light. I never appreciated the eyebrows that look drawn on and overly perfect.

Cannot say I ever thought about eyebrows as a part in my preference. Not really all that important, to … Read more

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Well, logistics has the wider scope because each and every production organization need raw materials that imported from other cities or countries, so in that case, logistic services are essential for the advancement of all countries. As we can take an example of the company thunderbolt global of USA, that is leading international and domestic … Read more

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Trading on equity is the economic process of using debt to create gain for the remaining owners. Trading on equity occurs when a corporation incurs novel debt (such as from bonds, loans, or preferred stock) to obtain assets on which it can earn a go back greater than the interest price of the debt.

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As a man, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm too straight to have a preference. I just like the female gender as who they are individually.

I like it when girls be confident enough to fight back the unrealistic expectations created by some foolish man and plastic woman. I really enjoy to see girls be … Read more

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Dear Roy Roy,

Right now it's cake mixes...did you know you can make wonderful strawberry chocolate chip cookies from a cake mix? Also brownies, plus dress 'em up with lemon and cream cheese for pound cake...on and on...

I was homeless for ten months, and much as I enjoyed that, with all the adventures and new people, … Read more