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Something else you might want to investigate: Attention Deficit Disorder.

ADD people tend to procrastinate.  We tend to prefer constant high levels of stimulation to function at a high level when we have a project to do.

Procrastination is usually risky to some degree and that added stimulation works well for us.

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Yes, I have a tip: Write about what you know. If you don't know anything about being in prison, please don't write about it. You can always enhance your knowledge by going to a jail, or talking to prisoners, but you should always write about a subject that you are familiar with.

Danae Hitch
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Too much procrastination and this might lead to disciplinary action on the employer's part, as they hired you to perform certain duties.

Find out why you are procrastinating: Do you understand your assignment, do you have the necessary tools to complete the assignment, are you waiting on someone to do their part before you can finish … Read more

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We know nothing about him.  Best gifts are personal items chosen based on what you know about him .. Or what he likes.  Just tell him how proud you are of him .. That will mean more than any gift you can come up with though.

Walt O'Reagun
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Just from personal experience ... I have only seen this happen for new, non-denominational churches.  They normally last in the building until they either have to move to a different location, or can afford to build their own.

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They have cards that say you are proud, or for encouragement. Depending on your budget you could get a few school supplies.

Dark Majinn
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I see a lot of these new Churches popping up or setting up "Items for Purchase" in the movie theater lobby . . . although the look and flare may be new, the hand out for your currency is still the same.

Walt O'Reagun
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If you really want to know ... You should ask your parents.  Chances are that one of them, or a relative, did some genealogy work on your family and can give you more information than strangers could.