Tom  Jackson
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Here's two "definitions" of a date that seem to make a lot of sense.

.......Going on dates usually means that 2 people like each other or are trying to see if they like each other.

........It is like a chance to get to know someone. It is like an interview to see if you would like to … Read more

Tiger Paws
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She must like you a little, she invited you to the party.

Don't take everything so serious... Go with the flow and see what happens.

Matt Radiance
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Since Angela and Rooster think it's bad to throw these sports due people's financial issues. I would express my feelings as Brazil got the luck.

Throwing these kind of big events means huge load of money and boost to the economy to the host country. You spend and you'll earn the double. (how government use … Read more

Matt Radiance
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Actually it might surprise you.

Being around smokers and smelling the smoke hurts more than smoking it yourself. So yea somehow you must take care of this matter in a right way before your voice chords gets damaged slowly.

Matt Radiance
Matt Radiance answered Abdulrahman Fahad's question

Actually that's what singing is about. You just have the talent. (like many other professional talents)

And the word "Professional" is for every singer. Every singer can be professionals there's nothing special to it, all someone gotta do is to find the right path into the "professional world" then you become a professional.

Plus, nobody become … Read more

Dark Majinn
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So if you were to attend the movies with the any gender does that make it a date? Simply put, it depends upon the agreement regarding the outing.

A date is when you are getting to know someone in attempts to foster a relationship that goes FURTHER then mere friends. So, regardless whom is asking you … Read more

Gator Blu
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Wow. It is Yale not Yael, and you don't go to medical school until after you finish fours years getting your bachelor's degree. If you are going too troll, at least make it somewhat plausible.

Normal Nobody
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In the truest definition of the word: Yes.  You have a set day and time to meet for an extended period.  That's a date

Do YOU consider it to be a date? Or, at least, that kind of date? If you do, then kinda nudge him into that consideration too, yanno?