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What are your moral views?=================================================

My moral views or, more accurately, my views on morality are that

1- if it is based on personal opinions then, as can be evidenced from the answers here, you'll have as many different views on what is morality as there are people expressing those views.

2- if a moral code [MC] … Read more

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You're nothing at all like family to these people if you can even sleep in the same bed with your boyfriend's sister without having filthy dreams about her, you might want to think about removing yourself from that family before you destroy it or maybe you should tell your boyfriend about your feelings for his … Read more

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If you are planning to do B.des in transportation design then there are only two good colleges which provide a degree course for B.des in transportation design are, others have part-time or certificate courses:
MAEER's, Pune
UPES, Dehradun

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Reasons to believe in the accuracy of sensory information:

1.  At what time you touch something hot, your intelligence of feeling will send messages to your brain and you can take away your hand (or other part of your body) before you get burn.

2.  Your logic of smell can signal when there is risk. … Read more

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Dear sweet Millie, this has nothing to do with your mom or her boyfriend. You are still grieving. I feel so bad for you. It must be very hard to lose your dad. I am so sorry you are hurting. That is what you are expressing, your pain. Let me give you a little piece … Read more

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Hi, my child is suffering from dyslexia, few months back I was going through the same issue as well. Trust me, things got so much better when I cam across Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, Its a CSR initiative run by WAVES Group. They have amazing faculty which are dedicated to taking care of kids with … Read more

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Didge, my friend, you know I love you and I love my God. :0)

I want to give you a serious answer..... Or at least take my best shot at it. I think He designed our bodies to age, to grow old. Now I know some of your testimony. You are a triathlete. My uneducated "educated" … Read more

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We inward some home-based ones from our friend's Mexican housekeeper...so they are completely authentic Mexican, while I don't know everything about the procedure. They were given to us in a gallon size ziploc bag and there are 2 flavors: Green chili & cheese and meat & red pepper. Any information on how lengthy they are … Read more

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Are you willing to destroy the relationship between two siblings? You have to chose one or the other. You can not have both. That is immature and selfish on your part not to mention risky! You need to let it go or let your boyfriend go. Chances are it is just a little crush. CONTROL … Read more

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Hash slider is one of the best online slideshow maker. You can add animated text effects to each slides which will give your slideshows real Hollywood looks. It is very easy and simple way to make a photo album with slideshow and background music.

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lawful Environment of Business seeks to increase understanding of the most imperative legal issues affecting business. The course aims to provide undergraduate international business students with the rudiments of the methods of legal thinking. In addition, it teaches the basic principles of the legal framework in which international business takes place. Specific emphasis will be … Read more

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Instagram is an online platform designed for users to post images and films.It can customize their pictures.Instagram users can disseminate their work through Facebook, twitter or other social networks.Instagram generates a real-time slideshow with pictures taken at every event.It will fit perfectly in weddings,concerts,conferences,birthdays or any other event.