Packy Packy
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Hi Kitty; I can only assume you're a girl but Kitty is only a screen name and I must assume you're between 1st grade and 12th grade, that's a lot of assuming! 

  I agree with Jewels Vern home schooling is far superior to government indoctrination to P.C. and social engineering.

  Kids in public schools … Read more

Normal Nobody
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1.  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

2. Respect people's differences.  It's what makes them unique.

3. If you want to be perfect, go somewhere else.

4.  You must laugh at something everyday. 

5.  Life is a learning experience.  Never stop trying to learn.

6. Not everyone is going to agree with you.  Listen anyway.  … Read more

Packy Packy
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Well, I'm white so I'm not sure how much my opinion will matter in this question but I don't believe most black men are in gangs on a national level. I live in a working class mixed neighborhood and work with plenty of black men and I see no signs of any gang affiliations with … Read more

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I'm not one to religiously follow shows.  Even if I like the show, I'm not one that can watch every episode that's on.  I don't binge watch either.  I'll watch a few, and eventually stop.  I don't know why, that's just me.  I don't like shows that you have to do that with.

Currently, I like … Read more

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The craziest cat I ever had was my (now in Heaven) cat Pumpkin. 

Pumpkin got lost... In the closet... Everyday.

She would go in, panic, and hysterically yowl until some one came and rescued her. 

She did this everyday.  Multiple times a day.  We had to keep the closet door closed at all costs.  And if … Read more

Normal Nobody
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I live in NJ, right next to the closed military fort.  It's for sale.

Fort for sale.  ENTIRE MILITARY FORT FOR SALE.  Includes: Apartments, schools, fire house, police station, classrooms, river, lots and lots and lots of land, roads.

Anyone in the market for a fort? Anyone? Come on, nice fort for sale.  No? <sigh>

Well... I tried.  … Read more

Aux Arcs
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There are people from around the world here.  In some places its alreafy tomorrow.  

 I'm Central Daylight time USA.   That makes a place like the United Kingdom 6-7 hours ahead.   That means there its approx 3:00-4:00 am on July 3rd.    

Maybe the guy who runs this site is in one of those … Read more

Jewels Vern
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Whether you do or don't believe in God is not a big deal. Devils certainly believe and it does them no good. What's important is to accept Jesus as the savior from sin: Then you have something worth talking about.

Acts 2
22 Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved … Read more

Gator Blu
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I didn't realize it was mostly blacks. I realize there aren't a lot of white gangs, but there are quite a few Latino ones. Where I live it is minorities who for one reason or another are led to believe that even if they do work hard in school and get an education that they … Read more

Ray Dart
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RISC - fewer instructions, CPU optimised to execute instructions left in as few clock cycles as possible. Uses less power, simpler to manufacture. Missing instructions are executed in firmware (or exceptionally in software). This means that the CPU has to run faster than a CISC chip to get the same level of performance (or hopefully … Read more

Christopher Mccann
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I would say that honesty is the best policy if you are going to get in a long-term relationship with someone you like make your intention both clear this stops you from wasting time arguing with the other person in the long run and prevent both of you from getting hurt.

If you're honest from the … Read more

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I would have to have me some Mountain Dew, Doritos or Combos, and some of my favorite country songs. For some reason, country seems like the best cruising music to me. I would drive a yellow Chevrolet Chevelle SS. My father owned a yellow SS Chevelle and he always enjoyed talking about it. Now, I … Read more

Christopher Mccann
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Kindness it a hugely important spiritual discipline that I practice in my own life. All true spiritual practices are based upon kindness we need  to get ride of greed, anger and delusion and we are able to do this by spontaneous acts of kindness. Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but theirRead more

Ton Gorge
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Hi there! The noun, ‘antivirus’ actually answers your question! It basically protects your PC from viruses and other nasty stuffs that can possibly damage your device. It’s a computer program that checks a device for viruses and prevents their spread. AVG is a great example of a free antivirus and I have been using it … Read more

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People are at such a loss for comforting words they are desperate for something comforting to say, so they go with whatever they hear someone else say.

The best is a hug and a sincere " sorry for your loss"

Trying to explain it, make it seem better is inappropriate , even if it's well … Read more

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Without knowing anything about you other than this it's impossible to answer. People talk to pets and they can't carry on a convo.

Everyone talks to them selves, uttering phrases, as far as full on conversations , it's something you should run by your doctor, you are obviously concerned.

You might find a site like … Read more

Charles Davis
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There is no biblical basis for that statement. Nowhere in the bible does it say that when we die, we become angels. Some may be able to dig up some evidence that when people die they go to heaven, but it does not say they become angels. Child deaths are very sad, and if there … Read more