Donald  Patrick
Donald Patrick answered Cafe Semon's question

When you are start decorating your living room. A large mirror can work wonders. The reflection brightens and enlarges any space. Hang at eye level for best results. And you can build your room around a dramatic piece of artwork.  Gold sofas, wall mirrors, chandeliers, wall sconces and even walls is best for living room.

Edward Thirlwall
Edward Thirlwall answered Vonda Solomon's question

So many different styles, so little time! I personally like the minimalist look - it takes a lot of planning to balance out the amount of storage space and actual furniture that you have placed out in the centre of the living areas. But it's also important to have some accents of colour and texture … Read more

Annabel Bryony
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In my opinion, you have to use curtains and cushions for decorating your living room. And also you should look after your bedroom and all. Recently I purchased a home and decorated it using all the beautiful and good quality materials that I have bought from Imshoppingfor(dot)co(dot)uk. One should use those materials.

Thank you.

Nealious James
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Hello Ava! If you do not have the patience to go from shop to shop to look for flowers that meet your needs, I suggest that you search online. Simply type in ‘artificial flowers’ and this will lead you to several retailers. However, you will have to pay for the delivery. Good luck with the … Read more