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Now in liquid form at high pressure, the refrigerant cools down as it flows into the coils inside the freezer and the fridge. ... The refrigerant absorbs the heat inside the fridge, cooling down the air. 5. Last, the refrigerant evaporates to a gas, then flows back to the compressor, where the cycle starts all … Read more

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In my opinion, you have to use curtains and cushions for decorating your living room. And also you should look after your bedroom and all. Recently I purchased a home and decorated it using all the beautiful and good quality materials that I have bought from Imshoppingfor(dot)co(dot)uk. One should use those materials.

Thank you.

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Hello Ava! If you do not have the patience to go from shop to shop to look for flowers that meet your needs, I suggest that you search online. Simply type in ‘artificial flowers’ and this will lead you to several retailers. However, you will have to pay for the delivery. Good luck with the … Read more

Janis Haskell
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You should definitely consider donating the things you're keeping just because "they are too good to throw away".  Someone could actually be using those items .... And you would have the benefit of knowing you did something good while making some usable living space for yourself.

Bikergirl Anonymous
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Donate them to goodwill .. Salvation Army, pet shelters, womens shelters etc  ... If they can't use the items directly they can sell them  (for garage sale fund raisers, for example)

Danae Hitch
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By the time that you will need whatever it is that you have squirreled away, many things could have changed. Your taste in what you have, the place where you could use it doesn't fit what you have (too big or too small), your girlfriend / boyfriend / spouse thinks it's ugly and won't let … Read more

mary adam
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My solution is "put them in the loft."

However, if this is not an option for you, then it may be a good idea to sell them. If you haven't used these things in say 2 or 3 years, are you ever really going to need or use them?

Ray  Dart
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I understand. I have an icebreaker from about 40 years ago (I had to keep the sealanes open to Murmansk). I have no idea what to do with it now. It takes up most of the yard.

Anyone out there want an icebreaker? (you'll have to collect it).

Tom  Jackson
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Unless they are irreplaceable (and nothing better has been invented), or they are worthy of collection by you for their uniqueness alone, or they have monetary value, donating them is always a good option.

While we are frequently taught growing up that we should appreciate and be good stewards of things that we possess, not all … Read more

Gator Blu
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If it is something you haven't used in the last two years, and it is in good shape you can either sell it, or donate it. "May need someday" means the same as you may never need it. Get rid of it. If you do need one later on, buy or borrow one then. Believe … Read more

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Details make all the difference in a small space such as a bathroom. Here, style comes courtesy of a pair of floating shelves filled with fresh flowers, a small wood sculpture, and small framed prints. Whimsical wallpaper throughout the room adds hints of glamour.

Give your bathroom sink star status with a little … Read more