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Say hello quietly, so they have to put there ear closer, then blow a whistle done the phone. Then block the number.

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They are phishing? Lot of independent illegal servers hooked on to local exchanges and by passing it to provide tele calls at half the price. It is upto you whether get suckered and go wanky or straight?

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There are other approachs to restore SMS on Android phone , even if you have deleted the messages from Android ,but in fact , Android SMS may be not disappeared from phone immediately, you can use some recovery tool to enter the Android device or backup and get lost messages back,

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I had a similar problem and eventually had to have my carrier give me a different phone.

It would charge to 100% while on the charger. Unplugged and it when immediately down to 0%. I was sent several batteries and none worked in my phone, but no problem in other phones.

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Use some professional data backup programs are good choices for you. And this android transfer app allows you to save a lot of time to transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other media files like videos, music files. Transfer photos from phone to computer.

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To get back lost data from your phone,

you can have a try of data recovery methods, I think that is a good choice for android data recovery. Anyway, if you really want the deleted data back, you should try every method, no matter they are free or paid. Those recovery tools can also … Read more

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Ok. Here's the fix that worked for me with Verizon: Go to settings, enter the search term 'Developer options,' after they show up, scroll down and turn ON 'USB debugging' then scroll down more and click on USB configuration, there you will FINALLY be able to see the MTP transfer option that you can't see … Read more