Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang answered The Z.'s question

Phones have become an extension of our hands this generation. With the "world" at our fingertips it seems like a good idea until you look up from your phone and realize your kids have grown. Phones have become babysitters, teachers, back seat drivers, dates, movie theaters, spouses, musicians, heck even our bankers. It is really … Read more

Refreshme Refreshme
Refreshme Refreshme answered The Z.'s question

Just hearing cell phone conversations annoy me in churches, grocery stores, the movies, theatres, while driving, at restaurants. Studies show hearing the one side of a cell phone yapper distracts us even more because we aren't privy to the other side of the conversation.

The ones snuck in at work annoy me even more. That includes … Read more

Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered The Z.'s question

I've had that happen in various places before.

I once took out my phone, went over and sat next to him, and had an imaginary conversation on my phone about 6 inches from his other ear.

End of problem.

Gator Blu
Gator Blu answered The Z.'s question

How could he hear anything on his phone? Every time I go to that type of restaurant I can't hear anything but the clanging of the utensils on the griddle and only about half of what the chef is saying.

I agree the guy was rude and frankly the management should have asked him to … Read more

Walter The Grump
Walter The Grump answered The Z.'s question

Cell phone ettiiquite is horrible. People are on their phones at the cash registers or counters when paying. They can't even stay off them while driving which is usually dangerous. I went to eat at an IHOP after work last night. There were two seperate couples near me. Both sets were on their cell phones … Read more

Mountain  Man
Mountain Man answered The Z.'s question

I prefer face to face conversation. My wife and I leave our phones in the vehicle when we are out. If it is an important call they can leave a message. I seen something similar the last time we were out. This couple might have said 4 or 5 sentences to each other the whole … Read more

The Z.
The Z. answered

So, I took my wife and 2 of my daughters to one of those Japanese steakhouses where they prepare the meal in front of you: flames, flipping utensils, the whole nine. Dinner and a show.

There was a 35-ish gent a couple of tables over who yapped and laughed on his large cell phoneRead more

Pepper pot
Pepper pot answered molly bengal's question

Say hello quietly, so they have to put there ear closer, then blow a whistle done the phone. Then block the number.

carlos Striker
carlos Striker answered molly bengal's question

They are phishing? Lot of independent illegal servers hooked on to local exchanges and by passing it to provide tele calls at half the price. It is upto you whether get suckered and go wanky or straight?