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John Donne was an English poet and cleric in the Church of England. He is considered the pre-eminent representative of the metaphysical poets. His works are noted for their strong, sensual style and include sonnets, love poems, religious poems, Latin translations, epigrams, elegies, songs, satires and sermons.

His early career was marked by poetry that … Read more

Yin and Yang
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There is always such a child like thrill waiting for the post man to deliver a letter from some one you love. I LOVED it when Yang and I wrote to each other. So my answer would be..... For Yang to write me a letter again, seal it, put a stamp on it, and mail … Read more

robert williams
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    He liked privacy, which is no surprise, as he was one of the most talked about,and well known faces in all London!  That he hardly paid his taxes, moved house several times, and, as a Roman Catholic, avoided the clutches of men such as Sir Frances Walsingham, gives credibility to his constant staying … Read more