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I heard coconut attracts yellowjackets. My friend said she once used coconut shampoo and went for a walk in a park and was later pulling yellowjackets out of her hair because so many had swarmed to her scalp and stung her. So that makes me afraid to use coconut in my hair D:

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Hi Roy! Tacos are certainly delicious, but where I am, Mexican food isn’t very accessible! We have our own version and I will have to admit that it suits everybody pretty well. When it comes to your question, my choice is obviously for pizza. I love barbecue flavoured chicken and mushroom ones!

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Romania holds a special place in my heart. It's where a number of my relatives are from. I've been there several times, including to visit family who lives there. I think it's a beautiful country that a lot of people don't know much about.

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Scotland, my fathers favorite country. He had been all over the world during WWII and more so for business in his older years. Scotland always held a special place in his heart and he went at least twice a year. He told me so much about Scotland that it eventually became MY favorite.

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My grandfather's(he and my grandmother adopted my dad) family originated from Scotland. My last name is Scottish. I can't believe I didn't include this in my answer. I feel horrible I had to edit my answer. I want to visit Scotland and England badly.

England(above): Where my grandparents met(my grandmother was an English citizen … Read more