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Maryland is one of the few states that allows its cities and towns to decide for themselves who can vote in local elections, so that's why this was even an issue in the first place.

If we remove all the incentives to become legal, then what's the point in even making a difference between "legal" and … Read more

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I just started my second year of high school last week :)

All I can say is: Don't change who you are to fit in. I've been nothing but me since I started and it's worked so far. I know who my friends are. And don't get lazy with schoolwork. Once you put one thing off, … Read more

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I loved it. Very different from Pokemon--the anime was much deeper and darker. Have you seen Digimon Adventure tri? It's pretty cool since it's a sequel to the original series, but aimed at people who grew up with the show rather than young kids; I think the dub is coming out soon :)

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My music taste is admittedly really "young". I mostly listen to stuff from recent years and it's pretty different from what my parents like, like trap, electronica, and indie. But my mom loves Broadway music and opera, and I love those too, so we have some things in common :)