Tiger  Two
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I think it should be changed. Users only can be anonymous when they need to ask something, without it getting to personal.  Then we would all know it is a legitimate question.  Sometimes we all want or need help but we still need our privacy.

Walter The Grump
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Dark Majinn
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The perspective you offer, always come from you identifying as a fantastical being. Since you do not appear to be grounded in reality, you are NOT taken seriously, and the majority of what you say is dismissed or overlooked.

An analogy would be like a 4 year old walking into a circle of adults talking … Read more

Danae Hitch
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Use this link:


Once you provide ALL of the information above, we will hopefully be able to provide you with the password. Be aware we MUST have the user name of the account you require access to. Failing to provide all of the information above may result in our team being unable … Read more