Levi F.
Levi F. answered Anonymous' question

Some sites have a dedicated "anonymous" section where people can ask questions anonymously that they are otherwise too uncomfortable to ask with their user name. This isn't one of those sites, though. Anonymous questions tend to be ignored, especially if they are argumentative. It's preferred that you own your words with a username.

The Z.
The Z. answered Tim O'Shea's question

When we find questions that cause people to really think, the responses tend to be much more compelling. There are almost always a terrific set of responses to questions that require reflections on personal experiences.

It seems to me that on occasion, some will avoid deeper questions to "keep it light", which, while a fair … Read more

Refreshme Refreshme
Refreshme Refreshme answered Dark Majinn's question

I'd like a bon fire. Roast some marshmallows.  A cooler of drinks. Bring your tent, I have lots of rural property. Perhaps some dirty joke telling...you know all that stuff that you can't say on here.

Next day some fishing. Some swimming. Some sight seeing in the countryside.

It would be so wonderful to meet all of … Read more

Corey The Goofyhawk
Corey The Goofyhawk answered Dark Majinn's question

Of course, we can't forget such a classic game such as Wack O Spammer! We'll even get a life size replica of Walter's Spammer Hammer!

The Z.
The Z. answered Dark Majinn's question

As I tend to believe most of us are of the same generation, I'd say we could poke endless fun at these pitiful millennials...and why I won't be watching Hippy's twister game. But count me at Yin's table, where the BBQ is. I'll bring the best grilled Grouper anyone ever had. 😉

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Mountain  Man
Mountain Man answered Dark Majinn's question

I think sitting around a campfire and having an actual conversation without typing or texting while we are having pizza and beer would be great.

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang answered Dark Majinn's question

Since Skip beat me to my answer.... LOL!

I will go with poetry reading and coffee sipping!!!!


Barbecuing and football!!!

Ohhhh how about a cooking class with Tiger and Dragonfly as the instructors!!!!!

Wait a minute! COOKING!??!??! And me!!!!!!

How about fire safty and "ways to lift heavy dead appliances with out destroying your back" lessons!!!! LOL!