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Lol, technical problems? Is that what the current administration is touting now? They are liars if that's what they have said. It's just laziness on their part. As Didge said, has become a new home for many of us. We invite many more of our Blurtit friends to join on that site!

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So what has changed in the last year? And quit eating in the bathroom. Even if you don't want to eat at a table with others find someplace else. Maybe a bench outside if you are someplace warm enough. The bathroom is no place for food.

Look for one or two friends to hang with … Read more

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I came when Ask shut down also.  Its been a good year. I had already tried "answer mug" and "I have solved" but blurt it was a more sociable site.  On answermug I am Maurice214  I know I don't ask or answer a lot, but these sites keep me entertained?