Tom  Jackson
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Here's two links that make a lot of sense.  I got an A in college chemistry and these links are basically how I organized my studying---breaking it into individual understandings of concepts that build on one another.

Dumb Goat
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When I was studying chemistry, everything became a lot easier once I mastered and memorized electron configuration and knew how it related to everything.

Yin and Yang
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A lot of times "hands on" works best for learning difficult subjects. Maybe the teacher can spend a couple lunches helping you and a few other class mates some of the more "exciting" chem experiments? I know for me.... I can not tell you what chemicals we used nor the name of my chemistry teacher … Read more

Danae Hitch
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I just did a Bing search and came up with this website:

There's also some on Pinterest as well that might be helpful. I never took chemistry so I can't give you any help that way, but do an Internet search and see what you find. Good luck.

Ancient One
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Chemistime wasn't my best subject in school. In order to pass I had to force myself to memorize all sorts of formulas and rules. Each person is different. Some find it easier then others. I had a tough time but I managed to pass.

Soul Fly
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One trick that I find helps with CSS editing is to use Firefoxs Firebug plugin. You can inspect the element and edit the CSS in real time to preview the change before you save the modification to the CSS file.

Below I included links to the screenshots I took to help explain the process,

Hope these will … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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Anybody can become an inventor ... And it doesn't take any special education or association membership.  All you have to do is find something that makes life easier for people, or that people would enjoy doing.

To license an invention, your best course of action will be to hire a patent attorney.

Korvo One
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Finish school, become an electronic engineer, join the IEEE, then go back to school and get a law degree, specializing in patents, by that time (assuming you start at 18) you should be about 30.  Work for 35 more years to pay off your student loans. Opps.. Time for retirement as you are 65 and … Read more