Nealious James
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Hi there! This is indeed very sad news and I do hope that you are feeling better! I have personally never been to ER, but I once suffered from intestinal issues that led to an operation. I will have to admit that hospitals do scare me as they are often synonymous to injections, dentists, weird … Read more

Gator Blu
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First off, are you sure the library allows food? I have been in plenty that didn't. If you can, you can always pack a sandwich.  Trail mix is something to at least snack on. Nuts are high in protein which is brain food.

Dumb Goat
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A year ago or so, it was April, I had slipped on ice and had a severe concussion and a skull fracture. I had passed out for a bit from it, actually. I rode in an ambulance for the first time, though injuries requiring to go to the ER are common for me. So far, … Read more

Yin and Yang
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I am so sorry my friend you stepped on a nail. 😯

I probably should have gone to the hospital a couple times for my gallbladder. I am soooooooo chicken! I probably shouldn't have read your guys answers! Now I am gonna go pad the bathroom and super glue shoes to my feet! Lol!

Walter The Grump
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About 6 1/2 years ago. I was working at the prison and couldn't afford my bipolar meds I was taking at the time. They had a copay of $175. Well I hit a major depression phase as was suicidal. I went to the ER to seek help. I'm glad I did.

Refreshme Refreshme
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Cycling. I veered off the path and crashed into some brushline. Bike mangled and I sprained my ankle. Needed ER xrays to rule out hairline fractures. Luckily none. Just a bad sprain.

Ray  Dart
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Two months ago. I slipped on a towel left on the bathroom floor and head-butted the handbasin. Three stitches in my forehead and a bathroom that looked as if the Texas Chainsaw Massacre  had taken place there.

I shall carry the resulting scars to the grave.

Great fun.........

Mountain  Man
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May or June of 2015. I was working on our koi pond at home. I was stepping in the water to put a large spillway rock in place and slipped on the liner. I fell out of the pond and passed out. My daughter-in-law called the ambulance while my wife tried to revive me. It … Read more

Twallgirl Wallace
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When I am not feeling well  I try to figure out what kind of sick I am.  Am I physically sick or emotionally drained. If I am physically sick I take medicine  and sleep it off. When I am emotionally sick I pray for peace of mind and read the bible and look up articles … Read more

Walter The Grump
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Give this information to your mom and consult a physician. No one on here is a doctor, nor can any of us properly diagnose and treat you. You shouldn't be asking personal questions like this with strangers on the internet. A physician has been through medical school and has seen body parts enough where they … Read more