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I have found quite many useful tips about writing CV  here and actually I will try to follow some of the suggestions. And also it is worth to mention that there is one online writing service where this type of work will be done for the affordable price. No intention to promote smth just i … Read more

Korvo One
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First, take the university route to being a surgeon, You will make money, (necessary for being a diplomat) and you will meet people and become good at talking to people.  Then, after you are established, you can look at the diplomatic field, and possibly take a few more classes at the university to get another … Read more

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It depends on your area and age. In the US, federal child labor laws require a person to be 14 years of age. But there are restrictions to what you can do and it requires you to have a work permit. The local economy might also play a part in how difficult it is.

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You may want to research the company you hope to work for. The more you know about the company, the better the impression you will make during the interview. Your research will also help you determine whether the company really has the kind of work you want or is one you want to work for. … Read more