Jann Nicka
Jann Nicka answered Anonymous' question

A Job "Flipping Burgers" is not crappy or beneath you..

Your attitude is Crappy 😝.

A Job digging ditches, collecting trash, washing dishes, flipping burgers, clean restrooms, sweeping and mopping floors, etc or VERY GOOD JOBS, someone needs to do these jobs and it takes a strong person to do a dann good job. I'm happy … Read more

Kidddas WG
Kidddas WG answered Anonymous' question

work at the movie theater and do ticket taking or help co workers clean theaters after movie is over.

work at lush cosmetics store and massage samples on people's hands

work at the airport and check people's ID and boarding pass, or scan boarding pass at the gate.

Dark Majinn
Dark Majinn answered Anonymous' question

Without any "additional" education what did you think you could walk into as a job?

The bottom is where you start. By getting a degree or accreditation in a particular field you may get to skip the bottom and go to the middle, but everyone has to start lower then where they hope to be.

So … Read more

Gator Blu
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If you don't want to flip burgers, there is retail. Still a crappy job, It is not just standing round at a register or on the sales floor helping people. You have to clean up after slobs. Or you can be a server in a restaurant. It isn't flipping burgers, but it is dealing with … Read more

Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy answered Anonymous' question

Well the saying goes, losers can't be choosers. If you don't want a crappy job, then don't be crappy. That's all there is.

That's sad. You can go on the internet and post this question yet don't know how to apply for a job?

In the modern day:

  1. Go to a retailer's website
  2. Click Careers
  3. Search for open positions … Read more
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun answered Anonymous' question

Get a better education, then.

The ONLY jobs you're likely to get ARE "crappy" ... Because you don't have experience or a higher education.  You are competing with thousands of other high school students, and retirees.  And honestly, the people hiring will prefer the retirees over teenagers.

Walter The Grump
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Hollywood. American celebrities have assumed telling us what their, and our political ideology, social issue beliefs, economic beliefs, and morals should be. I'm sick of out of touch wealthy actors and musicians lecturing me on politics and economics.

Dark Majinn
Dark Majinn answered Yin and Yang's question

Depends upon one's willingness to "Lower your Standards" . . .

When I was fired as a Network Administrator, I took any low level IT Helpdesk job that was out there . . . For much less pay. This was during the height of the recession . . . Within 5 months, I was back into … Read more

Grey Harmon
Grey Harmon answered Yin and Yang's question

Well, seeing as how you need a diploma or GED for most jobs, if someone hasn't gotten one of those yet, it can be really really tough to find someone to hire you.

My brother just started mowing lawns.  It's like working as a private contractor.  I do the same with computer repair and maintenance.  I … Read more

Gator Blu
Gator Blu answered Yin and Yang's question

Too many variables to say. The job market might be tight. Are the jobs the person applying for suitable to their skill and experience? Is the person filling applications with correct grammar and spelling? If they have had interviews, did they show up in appropriate attire and were properly groomed?  Did they give a friendly … Read more

Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy answered

My youngest son spent a year doing just that, but in the US. He would work at whatever job he could find and then take off on another adventure. He came home for a few months and then spent a couple of years roaming Europe, etc. He had a bank account here and my wife … Read more