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Walt O'Reagun
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There are many cords with "rectangle shaped" plugs on the end.  Without knowing which one you are referring to, we can't answer your question.  But whatever it plugs into, will tell you what the receptacle is called ... So just to a search for "{whatever} extension cord".

Sphinx Talli Nillo
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Image compression works by reducing the amount of visible information. So whereas the original picture might be able to display 65 million colors, since the eye can not differentiate between anywhere near this number of colors the software is going through and removing colors that are not needed. The actual complexity of … Read more

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Hello! Disney cartoons are the best and I have been watching them since I was very young! If I am to pick a very interesting name from the movies that I have watched, it will have to be Pumbaa! He is the wild warthog seen in The Lion King and he is also one of … Read more