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First ... ARE they "major" characters?

I mean, do they have detailed backgrounds? 
If not, they aren't a major character.

As to killing off so many ... the most I have seen killed of in a single novel was 8.  Even though most of them weren't main characters, they had been part of the main character's entourage … Read more

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Having 11 major characters in the first place is a lot, so killing them off is yeah, a lot for an average sized novel. But then again it could depend on whether the book was apart of a series etc. In general, and in my opinion, yeah I think killing off 11 major characters is … Read more

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As a species?  No.

As individual cultures/societies? Yes.

Historians and archeologists often point to various times in human history, when one society or another was going through a "golden age" ... But there has never been one that our whole species went through at the same time.  (well, at least not that we have … Read more

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Keep your butt where you live now. Do not go to this event. Go to your OWN event. Take in a movie. Visit a friend. Have dinner with a colleague! Go on a blind date with someone who is NOT taken! Save yourself some embarrassment and heartache! MOVE ON!!! She was just a crush for … Read more

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Unless it was an event you were invited to ... For some purpose other than seeing her ... Then NO!

Get over it.
She is married.
Stop asking for trouble and drama.