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For an idea of the cost ... To build 1 mile of "light rail" transit in Oregon, cost over 5 million dollars.

Another reason ... You have to purchase the land.  And if somebody doesn't want to sell, it may be difficult to claim "imminent domain" when there are existing transportation alternatives.

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Yep ... St Elmo's Fire ... Was out watching a storm in Kansas or Nebraska (I was little, so don't remember exactly where) with some relatives.  A bolt hit their lightning rod - traveled to the ground - blew us all on our backs (about 15 feet away) - and lit up their cyclone fence.  … Read more

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You need to contact the Benefit Specialist (or whatever) at your old employer.  Some 401 plans will automatically cash you out when you terminate, if your balance is below a certain amount.  Others, if you leave before you are "vested", you will automatically lose the money.

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Cookie has the only 100% correct answer.

If you are still living at home, guess what?  Even though you are an adult, you have to follow house rules.

If you're living on your own, you can make your own house rules.

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That depends on your reason for not supporting the fighting.

If you think it is illegal or violates international treaties ... Then you should NOT support the military, either.  Since they also have a duty to resist illegal orders - per the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WW2.

You may also think of … Read more

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They all are. Groups of people who dutifully stoke intolerance of their neighbors, due to their adherence to ignorant fables and traditional tribal hatreds, instead of prioritizing mutual human respect on shared lands both have called home for millenia are, and will always be, wrong in the extreme.