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This requires to go into Bios in the computer. Restart you're computer, and from the start hit these buttons., ts s usually alt right after it shows the Toshiba logo. Right alt to be exact, or press the F12 button, or F1. Firstly you need to understand and diagnose you're problems, you said it doesn't … Read more

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There's nothing wrong with being divided over issues.

Some will say that's a sign of a healthy society.

Which, it is ... To a degree.  But in a REALLY healthy society, people can discuss their differences in a calm manner.

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Your question reminds me of what I (somewhat jokingly) predicted ... "transethnic" identification.

Similar to "transgender" ... But dealing with what ethnicity you identify as, rather than gender.

Hell, we are ALL members of more than one ethnicity.  There haven't been any "pureblood" people for thousands of years.  So go with whatever you want.