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I'm already 6'5 and have to duck through many doorways as it is. Wearing heels would ensure I couldn't enter any buildings. I couldn't cope. But I have the sneaking suspicion I'd suddenly need a matching wallet

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If you haven't tried putting your palm up as a visual "stop" while you're stating no thank you, you may try that, sometimes people need a visual aid to help them understand....of course lowering your voice when you say no thank you will also have an effect.

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I have a couple of random suggestions RK, maybe there is one you can use. (Note: I intend satire here, not to make light of your situation):

-Inform the overzealous samaritan you are also a leper.

-Have yourself a collection of shirts printed up with "Thanks, I Got This" across the chest.

-Practice your best Death … Read more

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You're welcome Skunky, my friend ! Now ???