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I sort of like ancient hippy's take, but I always pictured the "Burltit!" icon as being frog like . . . Maybe is the similarity between "Blurtit!" and the sound a frog makes "Ribbit!".

Here is the adapted version of Hippy's picture.:

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The TV series started in 2014 and it was based (Setting and style) off of the 1996 movie of the same name.

While it "Seems" a drama, it was always meant as a dark comedy. Dark Comedies aren't meant to be "funny" . . . Instead they have add a certain levity to very grim story … Read more

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Chance it? Perish the thought.

My blood mutates against the flu virus every year . . . I am where they get the new vaccines . . . Your welcome world!

Kidding . . . I find regardless of whether I have gotten the Flu shot, I will either get or not get that next mutated … Read more

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This brings to mind some years ago when Pat Robertson (yes, nutjob evangelist Pat Robertson) was pleading on his faux "news report" for some absurd sum of money to be donated to his foundation, lest "he would be called home", if his lofty goal were unreached. It was pathetic. He's still around, alas, perhaps God … Read more

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A huge reason why I don't attend church even though I'm a Christian. I'm tired of them preaching they want my money. I personally believe God is fine and accepting I donate money to charity.

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I worked for a time in Thousand Oaks, So Cal. My office was opposite the headquarters of a Christian "fundamentalist" broadcasting station ( it was 15 years ago, but I'm guessing that it is probably still there).

We watched the Rolls Royce of the station's founder arrive most mornings.

I wonder it God gave him the money...... … Read more

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Don't confuse what the church does and what God wants.

Tithing, is mentioned in the bible and is not designed to prove faith in God .. But faith in the Church. They use the angle of showing support for the Church and further that you are not a "slave" to money. You know the " … Read more

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While I am all for "Complete Honesty" I believe it more prudent to focus on the more positive things someone can offer. If you were to ask me outright about your appearance, and you are physically repulsive . . . I might try and down play my reply with "You might lack a certain symmetrical … Read more