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  1. The Police
  2. Huey Lewis and the News
  3. Bob Segar
  4. Sting
  5. Fiction Plane
  6. Billy Joel
  7. Collin Haye
  8. Tears For Fears
  9. Jerry Seinfeld

I included Jerry Seinfeld since I haven't seen that many concerts AND I saw him twice in my life.

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Not entirely sure WHY my comment was removed . . . I though it was appropriate at the very least. Regardless of that, I have oftener wondered how even though we are transitional evolutionary life forms, the normal pressures of random genetic mutations that help us to either fail to or adapt to environmental pressures, … Read more
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Depends upon one's willingness to "Lower your Standards" . . .

When I was fired as a Network Administrator, I took any low level IT Helpdesk job that was out there . . . For much less pay. This was during the height of the recession . . . Within 5 months, I was back into … Read more

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I often ponder the Native American's plight, and the impact of what our founding fathers did to this once great nation. They understood the balance of an existing eco-system . . . I would say they were most likely one of the first of our human species to fully grasp this concept . . . … Read more
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Mankind has created, invented and cured his way to a longer and more comfortable life, but he's also created many ways to eliminate the human race and other species, with the quickest way being a simple push of a button.

I think the American Indians of a few hundred years ago had it right. Use what … Read more

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I can honestly listen to you and "Z" for hours . . . . Such a great read for me this morning . . . despite the over all tone of the message, I am smiling because open communication we share. I will be checking out your YouTube URLs. Great point - "Families rarely spend … Read more
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The first season of Sense 8 was fantastic, however I did take issue with the creator of the series need to constantly go back to the "Shared Sexuality" of the 8 . . . I thought that was overly done (for my taste) in the beginning, but it did tone down later on.
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I watched a few episodes of that. Was pretty good from what I recall. I like series that are like old westerns, and this had a little bit of that. Gorgeous scenery too from what I remember . . . isn't it set in Montana? Have you ever watch "Hell on Wheels"?