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Yes, is your answer.

Most music usually is enjoyed in the moment, for what they contribute. If I am working on Cardio, I enjoy popular top 40 music.

If I am lifting weights then the driving beat of Hard rock helps me to focus a more aggressive posture.

When cooking, I like classical or light 70's rock … Read more

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First off, I wouldn't be putting a pix of the ring on social media. I don't need anyone's approval or judgment.

Secondly, as previously stated, the ring is a symbol of his love for me.

Third, I don't need an engagement ring to celebrate our commitment to marriage.

Fourth, it seems shallow that people need validation … Read more

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My Son was into Wizards one year, so for his birthday, we had a wizard theme party.

We had sorcerer's brew for punch, had a magician come in for a magic show, played games such as musical wizard hats, had a cake with wizards doing battle (I photoshopped my two kids locked in mortal combat as … Read more

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So let's take a look - "If the guy u love got u a pathetic engagement ring would you put it on the internet for everyone to see and judge?"

One would think the engagement to be wed is enough for someone "In Love" . . . To then assign "Pathetic" to the "Symbol" of the … Read more

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The Deist considers "Religion" to be a product of man. Thus, any form of dogma attached to the actual baseline of Deism immediately takes it to another description. Does that make sense? Deism is a belief in a Creator of all things, with no other doctrine or dogma attached . . . As soon as … Read more