Why Boys Smoke?


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It's a major problem for most of the parents that their kid has started smoking at an age that is not suitable for them. They're complaining that their son has started smoking in early age and it is affecting his health. Their major concern is that they should stop smoking.

I conducted a survey in order to find out that why boys start smoking. The answers were quite unusual. Most of the boys, when approached, replied that smoking releases their tensions and many said that it just made them look cool in front of other boys and girls.
When asked that what their problems were, they failed to come up with any proper problem and those when asked that why smoking made them feel cool gave lame replies.

I then made up an answer that boys only started smoking because of their company because most of the boys who smoke ask their friends who don't smoke to smoke as well and when they start smoking, they start it as fun but due to the addictive nicotine and other such elements in the cigarette, they become addicted to it and then can't resist smoking. Smoking becomes their habit and necessity because it's the only thing that keeps them occupied for sometime and lets their mind roam around freely.

Smoking is not a good activity and you should try to avoid it as much as you can.
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I am 45 and have been smoking since age 14. I started the day I was cut from the freshman basketball team in high school. I figured if my body didnt have what it took to be an athlete than it had what it takes to be a smoker and I was right.  It made me sick at first but I didnt care cause I was out to get myself. Most of the other boys in my school who smoked were losers just like me. It seeems that boys who start are mostly losers and girls are mostly hotties.  I was always kind of turned on when I saw the other guys smoking cause it made them look soft and sweet and vulnerable. Thats how I wanted to be too. I didnt know I was going to be gay then but I guess it was inevitable and about two months after I started one of my friends from my private HS ( where all students were allowed to smoke) used to ride the commuter RR home with me ( there was a smoking car on every train). We would sit next to each other and talk and smoke etc. We would also study together in each others rooms at home . We both had parents and older sisters who smoked and were allowed to do it. The tension was always rising and one day while studying I kissed him and we wound up having sex together. Our school was in the bronx but we lived in westchester in ny. We started doing weed together and even were able to get coke pretty easily in that neighborhood. I continue to smoke about a pack amd a half a day and have a reasonable recreational drug habit. All in all I am thankful for my smoking because it allowed me to discover my true self . I have some emphysema now but its ok to me and I will never quit.
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I am 15, almost 16 and I smoke occasionally. I started last Fall after school started. I am in grade 10 and I have a few friends who smoke every day. I have been bullied all my life and still am a bit. I started smoking because I was stressed and wanted to do something to just let it all out. I am not the kind of guy you'd think smokes and a lot say that. 

People didn't believe me at first but now they do. I don't mind it and I'm not addicted to it. I have never smoked a full cigarette, I've only had puffs or had like a half. Both my parents don't smoke and not many in my family do.
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Maybe its just their nature...
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The same reason every other person does.

They try it to look cool or because there friends are.
Then they get addicted.
Then it starts to become a part of who they are.
Then they try and try to quit but they can't.
They end up dying at a younger age then they would have without the smoking from lung disease, cancer, you name it.

Oh and for the record girls smoke to.

Its disgusting!
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The chief reason why most of the boys smoke is that they desire to appear cool and fashionable in front of this "superficial" society. They are dwelling with this misconception that smoking will surely cover up for their weaknesses and will give them the strength to face challenges! So false!
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Some boys smoke as they think that it will be shame for them not to smoke when the mojority of their friends do smoke. Boys, care for your health and think that it is just some period of time and your friends soon will understand that they are wrong and they themselves will try to quit smoking.
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A lot of them probably think its cool, or they like the way it feels. I personally think it's gross. A lot of my friends smoke but I don't plan on ever trying it...
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I guess smoking somehow is pleasant, some people even suffer from nicotine addiction. But the whole habit is undoubtedly harmful and disgusting. Nicotine kills, it has multiple side effects and provokes different diseases: Heart disease, lung cancer, diabetes, liver cancer, erectile dysfunction, vision loss, tuberculosis, arthritis, etc. Vaping is completely another thing, it is really able to help to quit smoking + has certain advantages: Vaping can eliminate bothersome physical symptoms, it saves your money, you gain access to more variety, the experience of vaping is not as harsh as smoking, you get the option to stop. My latest vaping related purchase is .

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