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It's difficult to be both a drummer AND singer in any genre.  Why?  Because the drummer's main job is to keep the beat ... While the song lyrics (singer) don't have to follow it.  So your brain would be trying to multitask - and the human brain is not designed for real multitasking.

David Cornish
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Similarities between C++ and Java are listed below:

1. Comments: Comments are identical in C++ and Java, both the single-line // style as well as the potentially multi-line /* ... */.

2. Primitive Types: The Java and C++ primitive types are nearly identical.

3. Relational and Arithmetic Operators: Totally same
4. Control Constructs: The major Java and C++ control … Read more

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My first thought is sweet. He will/does love you "older" and no matter what. 😊

My second thought is fun. He is having fun with you. Kind of like a silly teenage boy again. Maybe he is wanting to be playful. 😆

My third thought is sentimental. He is wanting to be "twinsies" with you. Awe!!! 😄

My … Read more