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I used Emu Oil for skin care. I applied it on the daily basis and massage it on my face. It can also be applied on hairs. Emu oil is an excellent natural emulsifier. It can create a perfect oil-water mixture that can penetrate the surface level of our skin and hair easily without leaving … Read more

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All individual appearance is essential to most peoples. I'm summing up, however, Western modern culture puts a major accentuation on style for nearly everything, particularly personal appearance. Additionally, people both deliberately and subliminally influence internal judgements about individuals they see, so hair and other style can actually change the way people see each other.
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There are actually many best builders in Kerala and it will change with location. If you consider the city of Kochi, you can see that Trinity Builders is one of the best builders offering affordable 2and 3 BHK flats. They currently have many ongoing and finished projects and cater to varied customers. … Read more

Janis Haskell
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Oh my goodness .... What a tough choice.  I love them all, especially if the disc jockey is from my 50's/60's era.  Bring on the butter crunch, cheese, and great music.  (Wanna dance?)

Godwin Alex Ogbonda
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Michael Jackson's music spanned a number of genres, but the vast majority of his work is pop music, hence his title as the "King of Pop".

Michael Jackson is the most successful entertainer of all time, and was a global figure in pop culture for 40 years. He began his career in 1964, forming a … Read more