How helpful are you?

You know things no one else knows, so we’d love you to share your knowledge and become helpful to others. On Blurtit you’ll build a reputation and followers - who will also be helpful to you.

Your knowledge and experience is the essence of your world. Through Blurtit, you can offer that knowledge to everyone.

It’s all about being helpful.

What is "Following"?

You can follow topics, people and questions. On any of these just click "Follow" to be kept up to date via your home page.

Other people can also follow you, which means that you build up a new network of contacts and friends.

Answering Questions

On sign-up, you set up your "Topics". You can edit these topics from the topic chooser or type keywords directly into the box.

Step 1 - Click the answer tab. Here you will see questions related either to your topics, the people you follow or everything on the site.

Step 2 - Find a question that you can answer and click "Answer". Add your answer in the box that appears. Remember that answers which are more informative get more "helpful" ratings, and will therefore increase your number of followers. You can also answer by clicking on the title of the question, which takes you to the individual question page.

Asking Questions

Click the "Ask" tab at the top of the page. Enter your question in here. If your question runs on for more than one line then add more detail by clicking "Add further details". The more concise, accurate and grammatically-correct your question, the more likely you are to receive an informative answer. Ask yourself - would you want to answer a poorly-worded question?

Once you have asked your question, it goes out to be answered on Blurtit and you automatically follow it. Once you get an answer, Blurtit sends you an email to let you know.

You can also follow other questions, too, if you think they are interesting.


You can comment on answers to add clarification or to continue the discussion.

Home Page

Your home page is a mix of contributions from the "Topics" and "People" that you are following. Scan through your page to see what is going on in your choices - and make sure you click "Helpful" on answers you think do a great job of answering the question. The "Alerts" box will appear when your contributions have received some kind of feed-back, whether that is an answer, a comment, a “helpful”, or a follow. From here you will be able to go directly to the feed-back via the link provided.

To find fast links to your own questions and answers click the links on the right of the page under your profile picture and name.


You can only send shouts to people who are following you. Links to shout boxes are on members' profile pages next to the "follow" button.

What is Blurtit and why is it called Blurtit?

Blurtit is a multi-faceted website: an online community; a search engine, a place to learn and also to share your knowledge with the world, for the benefit of others.

Blurtit.com exists to provide opportunities for sharing knowledge, learning, communication and personal development. It is designed to provide useful questions and answers to and for a wide range of site users. There are other websites providing question-and-answer content, but Blurtit's commitment to knowledge-sharing is second to none.

The wide diversity of question categories, and the level and quality of detail in the answers is astounding. To "blurt" means to say something suddenly and often dramatically. It also means to reveal something. Here at Blurtit, we enjoy nothing more than dramatically revealing all sorts of facts, opinions and tips - in fact any type of knowledge that could be useful to the worldwide community.

How do I use Blurtit?

Do you have a question that's on your mind and to which you really need the answer? It could be a niggling fact that you just can't remember, to the name of this or that particular actor in an episode of your favourite television show? Perhaps you are looking for advice about a personal or professional matter. Whatever it is, Blurtit is specifically-designed for you to ask and answer questions from people across the world - and you never know which experts on your particular query are just waiting to share their knowledge with you!

To ask a question simply click the 'Ask' button on the Blurtit homepage. Expect it to take anything from a few minutes to a few days to receive an answer, depending upon how tricky or complex your question is.

If you wish to answer a question simply click the 'Answer' button on the Blurtit homepage.

How do I change my name on Blurtit?

It isn't generally possible to change your name after you've signed up to Blurtit.

How do I confirm my email address?

You should have received a welcome email when you first signed up to Blurtit. If you can't find this email in your inbox, junk or spam folders, please go to the Confirm Your Email page and follow the instructions.

Why aren't I getting any email notifications?

By default you will receive an email whenever somebody responds to one of your contributions (such as answering your question or commenting on your answer). These emails may be going to your junk or spam folders, so to avoid this, add [email protected] to your address book. You may also want to take a look at your Notifications page to check your preferences.

How many questions can I ask on Blurtit?

You can ask as many questions as you want to. There is no daily limit.

How long will it take for my question to be answered?

This depends on a number of factors from how difficult or complex your question, to how many Blurters are online and how many Blurtit friends you have. Also, it will depend on whether anyone has any experience or knowledge that can help you with your question or problem. Some Blurters are online only for a few minutes per day and some are logged in all day long! Expect to wait between five minutes and five days.

What does it mean if my question is disapproved?

If your question is disapproved it is likely that there is a problem with some element of the content. Usually this is because the question contains a 'bad word' that has triggered a response from our unacceptable word list. Try changing the way you ask the question or change the word that you think might be the problem. We understand that sometimes names or phrases might accidentally contain a bad word, just find a way around it.

There are other reasons why questions might be rejected, the most important of these is subject matter which we edit vigorously. The 'terms of use' that you agree to when you sign up to Blurtit state that the site editor will make the final decision to either approve or reject your question. This decision is influenced by several factors, the overriding one being the potential value that your question will have in attracting useful information for others to interact with and learn from.

For further information about the type of posts deemed appropriate, please see the 'code of conduct'

Blurtit's decision is final in all matters of approval and disapproval.

Is it possible to reply to an answer I receive?

It certainly is. You can be notified by email every time your question gets an answer or a comment, if you agree to this when you sign up for Blurtit. The email will include a clickable link so that you can go directly to the answer on the site.

There is a space provided for you to make any comment that you feel is appropriate and, if you do so, the person who gave the answer will receive a message telling them that a comment has been left for them. It is possible to turn this feature off if you wish. The person who received your comment can in turn reply, and so on. An interesting and constructive discussion can be initiated in this way.

How do I rate an answer I get on Blurtit?

When someone answers your question below their displayed reply you will find a facility that allows you to rate that answer by means of a 'Yes' or 'No' icon at the bottom of each answer. You can rate only once for each answer, so please think carefully before rating.

How do I invite people to Blurtit?

Searching your email address book is the easiest way to find your friends on Blurtit. To do this, go to the 'Find Friends already on Blurtit' section.

These did not answer my question, return to contact details.