Is There A Website To Find People In South Korea?


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The internet is a great tool for communicating with people from all over the globe! So, if you're looking to reconnect with a friend or family member in South Korea you could try using a number of different websites. is one good example. It is a website which works by searching a person's name against information held on social network sites like Facebook, Google + and MySpace.

Using social networks to find people in Korea

Social networks have developed into one of the main ways we communicate, interact and keep up to date with friends, family, schoolmates, work colleagues and even celebrities.

The widespread use of such networks means that pretty much everyone who owns a computer (or even just a mobile phone) is contactable through a profile they've created on one of the many social networks.

If you're trying to get in touch with someone in South Korea there's a good chance you'll be able to get hold of them via the internet. South Korea is one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world (4G and WiFi are even available on the subways!!!) so rest assured that it's very likely the person you are trying to find will be part of at least one social network.

The Korean Facebook?

Whilst staple forms of communication like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail are big players in the social network arena of countries like the US and the UK, Koreans have a handful of their own social networks. A popular example that attracts millions of users is CyWorld which is owned by the Korean company SK Communications and is part of a wider webportal known as Nate.

Whilst this might be a very effective way of tracing a friend in Korea, be warned that parts of the site are in Korean and you may need the help of a Korean-speaker to navigate certain pages.

Luckily SK Communications have developed an English version of CyWorld, with the 'Find People' page being one good suggestions for your search.
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In most countryies these kind of things are available -  USA is one of these countries. I am not sure about South Korea whether this kind of things is available or not, but where it is available there  are huge in numbers who provide this kind of resources to find people. It is used for many purpose but mostly it is used for background check.

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