How Long Does A Cigar In A Tube Stay Good For?


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Hello there!
It's not that easy to answer... It depends on several factors: Temperature, seal of the tube, outside humidity. The most important factor is the outside/room humidity. If it's only 10% rH it's obvious, that the cigar will dry out much faster, than in a surrounding that has 50% rH. If you are living in a tropic area, the cigar will perhaps never dry out.

My recommendations:
- if tube is perfect sealed: ~1 year
- if tube is nearly perfect sealed: ~5-6 months
- if tube isn't properly sealed: Put it in a ziploc-bag, and don't open it until you'll smoke the stick. --> ~5-6 months.

If you are storing more than 1 cigar, think about getting a humidor! ;-)
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Hi... You can't keep cigars in any box. It needs proper temperature to make taste live for longer. A cigar humidor is the best option as it comes with enough humidity and temperature to keep your cigars alive for longer.

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From personal experience, the longest it had remained relatively fresh was only for a couple of days max. However, it all boils down to the type of container that you use. The more airtight it is, the more freshness it can help seal. The surrounding atmosphere also has an impact especially the moisture level in the air.

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It well stay smokeable forever but after about 5 years it will dry out and fall apart when you smoke it
Ha haha that is so funny you asked that question I bought me an my mom a rasberry cigar. For fun.. And my roommate Joe he has his dad's last cigar he bought and it's 20 years old.. So it hasn't been smoked but it hasn't fell apart. So.. Guess when it comes to grass of any kind unless you catch it on fire. It's always smokeable. Aaha so smoke until you can't smoke nomore or don't smoke at all. It's bad for you I don't smoke. Only a cigar to be funny every once in a year or two.. I think it
is just  a funny thing to smoke a cigar with my mom... She does to... My dad smokes them that is why.. So it's funny because for some reason it makes you feel important.. Like rich people act so serious with a cigar in there mouth... To me it's funny.

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