What Are Cheap Ways To Get From Youngstown, Ohio To Gastonia (charlotte), North Carolina?


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I checked Greyhound.  Round trip fare from Youngstown, OH to Gastonia, NC is $288 if refundable ticket, and $258 if non-refundable.  The fare could be cheaper if you use a student discount.  The travel time is so long.  The destination posed a problem in getting a fare via the Internet.  Maybe you could go the Amtrak website and tinker with your destination to find a fare.  Air travel didn't seem OK bec. There is no airport in your destination. If you are considering travel by air, try
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I don't suggest doing it alone but you could do the new fad of couch surfing....and car pooling...like I said you would need to  go with another person to be safe..... The cheapest could be skybus when it reopens under their new management....and stay at a hostel if they have them.... Or you could use the old greyhound.... Or shop around for a cheap tickets .com package for both the tickets and the hotel stay...
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I can't drive down there and i was planning on going by myself. I'm meeting someone in north carolinia.
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"couch surfing"?
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Probably the cheapest is Greyhound. Check Amtrack too but they can sometimes be as expensive as flying. Other thing you can do is check Craig's List--I had a friend who carpooled with someone who was going back to their college campus and wanted someone to pay part of the gas. But you have to be careful with that--you would have to check some references on the person.
Or you can try flying standby depending on how busy the time is that you are going. I have gotten some great deals by flying standby when they are trying to fill a plane.
It's hard to find cheap travel arrangements anymore.  try greyhound.com and see if that works. Good luck!
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If you decide to fly someone gave me some great advice. Call right after midnight when their computers are updating and trying to fill the planes. You can get some pretty cheap seats this way. Peace
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The cheapest way to travel anymore is the greyhound. If you have time to plan, advertise for a travel buddy. A lot of business people, college bound, will share expenses.
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Bus or train. I recently took a bus from madison, wi to chicago then a train to d.c. It was far cheaper and more enjoyable than flying or driving. ;)
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The bus is the cheapest way to get there! Just be safe! The bus termanals can be kinda rough in places!

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