List Five Sources For Body Armor That Are Not Manufacturers?


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In most cases, body armor will be bought directly from manufacturers as it really is a niche market and not really something that would be in high demand in a consumer driver market. There are some retailers who specialize in different types of body armor. These can be found in the list below: This company also supplies a large range of bullet proof vests and bulletproof jackets (among other items) for civilians. All of the companies above sell a wide range of body armor for both civilians and members of police and military authorities. Some of the items on offer include: Bullet proof vests, helmets, eye protectors, concealed shields and riot shields.
Although, most of clients on these websites will be people who face obvious dangers everyday such as military personnel, security guards and police officers, the websites are also seeing an increase in ordinary members of the public buying the goods. One of the websites states that these may be people who are living in areas where there is a constant level of crime and violence. They therefore buy the items as they feel they need to protect their own safety. They may also be bought by people who have become victims of burglaries in the past.
In addition, an increasing number of attorneys working on sensitive cases such as divorces may feel the need to take added precautions to protect their safety.
There are some legal issues that need to be taken into consideration when buying body armor. For example, by buying the armor you are declaring that it is not illegal for you to possess a firearm and that you are not a member of a criminal gang.
Each of the websites has a list of these legal regulations that should be read before making a purchase.
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List Five Sources For Body Armor That Are Not Manufacturers?

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