Does Anybody Know Why Marlboro Cigarettes Do Not Say Veni Vidi Vici Under The Phillip Morris Seal On Packs Anymore?


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Because Sezar said veni vidi vici in a town called Zile in Turkey and by law malboro has to mention the person who said that saying and the place. So Zile government opened a case against malboro that they should mention their town's name in the packs and that is the reason malboro decided to remove it instead of advertising them.
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Why? Research has shown that Julius Caesar who reportedly uttered the phrase, was born in Sicily and eventually became a caput (Capo) in a Roman family of the Cosa Nostra. The motto  was removed because the tobacco company didn't want to be seen as being endorsed by a criminal organization. I think it may have returned because we have been told "There is no such thing as the Mafia." Caio Amicos. Oh, and for the impressionable one's, my anecdote is not literally factual. In udder woids, it ain't da trute.
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I don't think they want the word "conquered" on their packets nowadays,Joe
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Marlboro Cigarettes never says that because it happened years ago for writing that Marlboro was Affected and Fight in the Case or murders..

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