Ok, I need friends... Wanna be friends? We can talk about junk and assassins and what not.. Please?


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stella mallun Profile
stella mallun answered
Ok I can be you friend if you want you can send me your email
katelynn o'gara Profile
katelynn o'gara answered
I want to b friends!
Delaney Weaver Profile
Delaney Weaver answered
If you have a band then of course I'll be your friend!
Nicole Profile
Nicole answered
I'll be your friendd would love to make more :) x
samantha king Profile
samantha king answered
Your in a band thats sweet and yha I'll be your friend just give me your e-mail address I'm on gmail
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Jack conner
Jack conner commented
Hey buddy dont know much about assassins (maybe assassins creed) but holler at me, we could all use more friends

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