What's on your mind right now? :D


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FOOD!!! :)
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I'm THINKING..."how do I open the door!"
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After school I have a softball game then I have to go home and cook bake goods for  a horse show tomorrow(it is to raise mony for my school) then I have to bake a cake for my relatives that had their shops torn up by a tornado
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fareeha shaheen answered
WHEN will my friends arrive
they said they'd be here an hour ago
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I usally get late at my friend :D and vice versa too, so time doesn't really matter in the end it just means you're together to spend a good time :D
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A whole bunch of nothing lol haha since I am listening to music right now.
I hate a few of my neighbors.I'm about ready to call the cops on them.
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Maybe you should, but just ask them kindly first. If they then don't respect that you could still call the cops or leave it to that.
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Should I reduce my weight am 70- 75 kg my height is 5.8" , my family and relatives are already started joking that am turning into a little ducky
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Deciding wether I should wait for the iphone5 to come out in September or buy the Verizon Thunderbolt. The iphone5 will still be 3G. The verizon Thunderbolt is 4G and Blazing fast. I have seen it in action and it is avalible now.

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