Do you prefere Shouts or Helpfuls?


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Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
I like both, I like helpfuls because people have taken the trouble to appreciate your contribution, I like shouts because I'm lonely :( (lol)
Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
Well now, I like Shouts, yes I do.
I also Like Helpfuls...a lot.
But I wonder, which is best??
Is there any way to find out????...
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Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
LOL! --Glad you like Harry Hill, y'all!!
---I think he's mad-good!
Addilynn Addilynn
Yeehh he iss...hehe....especially wen he takes the biscuit out of Eastenders...LOL heather! Oh nd Tedddyy!
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
I like the comments the most.
Ben Will Profile
Ben Will answered
Rachel Pruitt Profile
Rachel Pruitt answered
I like getting a good helpful. It makes me feel good that I had a good opinion on something rather than it being shot down :)
Jack Milligan Profile
Jack Milligan answered
Shouts! You are talking to friends! Not being rated by possible strangers! :)
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Hilary Newton
Hilary Newton commented
Hey u guys keep it clean,lol,
Lexi commented
Lmao at tony!!=D
Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
Thankx for all the LMAO's, you wonderful cats!!
[--Perhaps I should just point out that of course I do not condone rape under any circumstances.]
helena ross Profile
helena ross answered
I am knew what is a shout?
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Ray Ottewell
Ray Ottewell commented
You have a shout box click your shout box and typ in it to talk.
Hilary Newton
Hilary Newton commented
When you follow someone+you follow them then you both can talk,
Addilynn Addilynn
Basically....raise your voice a little bit..and let ur lungs do the rest! Happy shouting! 8)
danny saviour Profile
danny saviour answered
All I ever wanted is a shout from you , Am a good singer , my favorite song is be my rocknroll queen , whats yours em em ?

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