I have this guy friend, and I've known him since 4th grade, but today he gave me a hug and grabbed my butt! What does this mean?


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Rachel Renda Profile
Rachel Renda answered
He likes your butt and just got the balls to grab it.
Hell prob start grabbing you other places soon if he figures out you just let him grab you.
Then hell proceed to try to have sex with you.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
He's "testing the waters" Hes trying to see if you'll let him...you know..
Molly Profile
Molly answered
He probably likes you. If you feel uncomfortable with it, stay away from him or tell him you don't like him "that way".
Maddie Profile
Maddie answered
Because you've known him for years then he feels comfortable doing that even though it is extremely rude, violating and, if I were you, against principles of friendship. :(
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Hes advancing to High School really quick here and bypassing the middle grades and wants you to be his main squeeze
Lucy Taylor Profile
Lucy Taylor answered
He's probably just trying to get some, and he thinks you may be willing to
Alexis Egan Profile
Alexis Egan answered
That actually doesn't always mean he likes you. Usually if the guy has any manners he won't do that if he likes you. Butttt out generation is a piece of crap so maybe he does.
melody bozar Profile
melody bozar answered
It doesn't mean he like you. I think he's probably want to try some from you.... You know, guys are somehow like that.
Dar Sung Profile
Dar Sung answered
Maybe it was an "accident" and was the only way of hinting "love." If I was you right then and there, I would've kicked him in the b***. Well, only because my guy friend would do something like that too, but of course, he'll regret it.
Manny Piper Profile
Manny Piper answered
Oh my god LOL datz a sigh that he likes you but he dosent know if you like him back. Or maybe it was just hormones

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