I'm writing an outline for my informative speech on the adoption of children (in general), but I cant think of an attention grabber to start off the speech. Blurtit friends, do you have any ideas?


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Imagine yourself, once again being told to hop in a car with a kind lady who will once again drive you to an unknown place. This is a place you never seen, and going to meet people you never met before. All your belongings are packed in one little suitcase. You stare out the window and wonder who you will meet. Will they be kind? Will they have sons and daughters who will be nice to you? Will they like you? Questions go through your head as you hope that this will be a place you can finally call "home". Uncertainty and a little fear creeps up in your stomach, but you push it aside trying to find the smile you must fake in order to get them to like you. All you ever dream of day and night is for a stable family and a mom and dad that you will able to call  your own.
"We are here", says the kind lady. I find my smile and with a hand on my suitcase, I open the door.
This is the world of adoption.
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Very very helpful thankyou so much! Its a catching attention getter that draws people in thanks very muc!!!!!!!!!
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You may check out Study Moose essay database and search for a decent intro there. I am sure that this way you'll be able to come up with something. At least for me, it works great. I mean, if I don't know how to arrange a writing task or a speech, I can just use someone else's work to get some inspiration.

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How about this...
How would you feel  everyday of the week, when you woke up you did not have a Mother or Father?

That should get their ears up!!!
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"ADOPTEES!  Yours or mine"...... Should be on "Maury"....:))))
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It has to be like a story or a quote to my class and teachers attention at the beginning of my speech any helpful ideas

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