What is your Camping Trip like? Eg. Where do you cook, sleep, eat, ect.


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If you really want a camping trip that youll always remember is to set camp just outside a Grizzly bears den in the Spring, just about the time theyre waking up from their winter hibernation. The rest wont matter much if he wakes up early but then this isn't for the feint of heart either
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Going Nowhere
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Lol Okay. Not what I mean at all. I go camping all the time. I want to know what other peoples trips are like, do they cook on a stove, or a grill over the fire, do they camp in a tent, cabin, or rv. What do they eat, and ect
Going Nowhere
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Lol you seem to think I don't know what camping is like, but you should know that my house is not far away from a Black Bear den, they come and eat my apples of my trees every year, and we had a baby here last year he was playing with my dog ;p
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We do the rustic camping. Sleep in tents, cook over a keyhole shaped fire, we gather up lots of firewood for the next trip and have an old cooler buried in the ground with things we don't like dragging back& forth. We go exploring in the woods, and watch the stars when they come out.

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