I thought my best friend knew everything about me.. But it turns out she knows nothing about me, but i know a ton about her.. What do i do?


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Then she might not be a good friend if it seems like she doesnt care. But like the person above said, try giving your opinion out more. You could try hanging out with her or asking her to go ice skating with you if you like to do that, or see a movie that you'd like; something that you'd enjoy so she can find out things about you. Hope this helped! :)
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Start giving your opinion more when you hang out so that she gets a sense of what your personality is like :)
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Sabrina Haraina
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I do! And she does too... But the thing iz we've ben friends since we were 5 and now we're 15... So i would kinda think that she would know like everything about me by now. But thanks anyway ;) haha

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