Does every question have an answer?


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Likeaboss answered
My answer to this would be "almost". Every good question deserves a good answer and is answerable, but there are others who ask questions that make absolutely NO sense and are impossible to answer.
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Janey answered
Nope as some questions are unanswerable, like what caused the car that Princess Diana was travelling in to crash in the Parisien tunnel back in 1997.
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Clement Goh answered
Not all of them. Some nonsensical or incomplete ones are impossible to solve. Those Blurters should be given English 101 on how to write a proper question that humans can understand.
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Loren Jolie answered
Well I guess technically, even if it was a nonsensical question, I could say I don't know, and that would an answer.

But I understand your question is deeper than that.
I think the number of questions possible are nearly limitless. I have a feeling though, that there IS an answer for every question.

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