When they cannot debate political points, why do liberals resort to name calling, character assassinations and profanities? Isn't that what they do on this site? Haven't these been my experiences that you've witnessed?

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Conservatives deal with facts, figures and data to back up their opinions  which annoys the liberals and progressives who like to speak from the heart and espouse the trendy right-on hippie-style of political ethos.That's what gets them excited and so worked up, as you can't argue with hard facts.I've had character-assassinations and name-calling- but it's by people who can't accept the fact that a girl can be smart, well-educated,independent and have ideas and opinions on issues we're not meant to have.That Captain Caveman attitude really creams my corn.
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The logical fallacy here is the loaded question. You cannot show this is actually true. It is also a question that shows you have no desire for debate or discourse and just want to insult liberals. It would be about like me asking why conservatives molest small furry animals.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
All Conservatives know it's true because they've been the victims of these assaults so often. The only ones that don't beieve it are Liberals/Socialists/Marxists/OPProgressives and Obama adorers
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No what you mean is all conservatives SAY it is true. Not very bright conservatives have been brainwashed to think it is true.This in fact is what Rush told you to think. The fact you are too stupid to konw what a socialist is shows you are exactly this kind of conservative. I go to political websites. Cons are just as guilty if not more so of this behavior.

The only ones that CLAIM this is true is brainwashed conservatives

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