No offence sick of hearing ppls problems..not on blurtit of course i love uu guys . But there is a few ppl in my life tht have too much drama and talk day/night about it...its


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At work, since I am the boss, I have to listen to everyone's problems. That does get tiring some times. Some times they even call on weekends just to tell me their problems. :(
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Then be with me and talk to me am super annoying , everyone else is just annoying
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This is why some of us are here who have devoted their education and experience to helping others like on here.  A true Ninja is a good friend and help to others in need
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Yeh but if a person goes on cursing and swearin about someone and u try and tell them to be calm but they dnt then im sorry true ninjas ignore fools like tht.
Arthur Wright
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This is why God made special people to deal with challenges of others and many really cant do it although they think they can like on here
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Im just a teen ye know..i have my own problems,..ppl only come to me cus they know im good at solving problems..but for once..i dont want to do tht for a while..they take it soo personally though
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You need to try and addopt the strategy to keep problematic people as much out of your life as you can for your own good,moral, and state of mind,, because they will only forever pull you down

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